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Divertigo - Gentle Chaos (6/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Xensori Media Corp.
Playing time: 54:13
Band homepage: Divertigo


  1. At The Gates
  2. Meeting In The Valley
  3. Fall Together >mp3
  4. Mother's Arms: Goodbye >mp3
  5. EverBleeding
  6. Brink Of Enlightenment
  7. Between Friends
  8. Saving The World >mp3
  9. Hand Of Fate
  10. Peril
  11. Soul On A Screen
  12. Relapse: Fear
  13. Liberation
  14. Grey Skies To Golden
Divertigo - Gentle Chaos

A friend of mine goes to the 2004 Prog Power fest in Atlanta, Ga. and brings me back a double CD sampler. On there I discovered a one man army called DIVERTIGO. I was really attracted to it because it was so unique. The man behind this is Steve. He plays the keys, sings, programs the drums and basically he does it all. The music is basically progressive programmed drum beats and is met with an AOR style voice which is soft, comfortable and friendly. I was really sucked into this world and I had to just email him and request a CD and hope that his music on the full length was like this one track.


I pop this puppy in and I am treated to an opening that is atmospheric complemented with keyboards and subtle guitar work. It's an intro that paves the way for "Meeting In The Valley." The guitar work is dirty, fast and forward moving. He tosses in some good melodic lines in there, but for the most part it's aggressive. The drums here are pretty fast and heavy handed. The vocals remain calm and stylish. Despite the slightly above average, it's a pretty decent track. "Fall Together" moves into a completely different direction almost immediately by going into an acoustic/alternative style. It's upbeat and catchy, but doesn't sound like something that would belong on a Power Prog disc. It sounds like something that could belong on a R.E.M. disc. However, the track does turn progressive after about two and a half minutes to wrap it up. It's odd and I am not completely sold on this composition. It's too rapid of a change to fit on here.


Toss in a few decent interludes and now we are up to "Between Friends." This a soft ballad that manages to fit on here better than the track earlier mentioned. The one thing I didn't like was the fact that vocals were too soft in the beginning. It didn't sound like they were produced right, but they begin to stand out more after about a minute. It seems like that after track number two that there were more laid back type ballads than aggressive tracks except for the interludes which were heavy. "Soul On A Screen" will draw attention because it's an interesting mix of programmed electronic beats with hints of progressive. It seems like we don't another good jam until the end practically with "Liberation." It's a decent track with some quality guitar work, but I just wish I had more of this than the balladesque material.


I think that Steve has a lot of ideas in his head, but he seems to just cram too much into one album. I think he could pump out different types of albums because he has a lot of styles to offer. The problem that I have with artists who think they can do everything tend to spread themselves a little too thin. I would prefer it if you stuck with one instrument or two at the most and let other people join the band. Steve does everything practically including the production and I think that is why the CD suffers a little. He needs a good producer who will pull in the reins and tell him what should stay or go. Steve just does too much on here. He needs an editor to help sort things out. The overall effort is definitely there and I think his band has a lot of potential. All he needs is a little guidance. (Online March 8, 2005)

Joe Florez

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