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Terrorizer - World Downfall (8,5/10) - USA - 1989

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 36:14
Band homepage: Terrorizer


  1. After World Obliteration
  2. Storm Of Stress
  3. Fear Of Napalm
  4. Human Prey
  5. Corporation Pull-In
  6. Strategic War
  7. Condemned System
  8. Resurrection
  9. Enslaved By Propaganda
  10. Need To Live
  11. Ripped To Shreds
  12. Injustice
  13. Whirlwind Struggle
  14. Infestation
  15. Dead Shall Rise
  16. World Downfall
Terrorizer - World Downfall

Everyone that's into extreme Metal should know the name TERRORIZER. This band released a brutal record in 1989, it still is and even more so back in the late 80's. Unfortunately I didn't hear this record before the year 2004. This of course takes away some of the wow factor the people listening to it at the time of release must have experienced. Fortunately "World Downfall" is a good a record and doesn't need a wow factor to be appreciated by those into the more extreme styles of Metal.


Another thing to notice is their line-up. At least three of them play or played in influential Metal bands of the extreme kind. David Vincent handles the bass duties and some of the vocals, everyone should know that he contributed with bass and vocals on the best MORBID ANGEL records. Another MORBID ANGEL member, this time a current one, drum machine Pete Sandoval. I regard him as the best Death Metal drummer there is and even back in 1989 he knew how to whip those skins, or should I say shatter. Jesse Pintando is another well known name, at least for those who like NAPALM DEATH these days. Oscar Garcia played\plays? in a band called NAUSEA, I'm afraid I don't know a hell lot about them, but I guess it would be wise to check them out because Mr. Garcia has a good and aggressive voice, not totally down in the basement making it quite easy to pick out the words without having to resort to the lyrics.


The album starts out with "Afterworld Obliteration" and shows us a band that won't turn into any melodies. This song is a full-on attack with a good main riff. This record is not total riff-mania, it's more quality than quantity. Throughout the record, which is mainly on full speed, they throw in some good breakdowns and headbanger friendly parts. I doesn't help if you can play your instrument like a demi-god, but are without either songwriting abilities or some real passion. All who have some interest in Death Metal know that the people involved possess both songwriting and playing skills.


Another known guy involved in this record is the producer, Scott Burns. He is a legendary Death Metal producer who produced some Death Metal records at Morrisound Studios. He has produced bands such as DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, OBITUARY and many others. I remember when we bought records as long as they where either released by Nuclear Blast or produced by Scott Burns. Those days are long gone because Mr. Burns has retired and Nuclear Blast records aren't always that good anymore.


I could describe every song in detail but that would just be plain boring. Every song is of equal quality and intensity and the only reason this record doesn't get a 10 out 10 from me is the missing wow factor I was talking about. I can't deny the fact that I have become a bit jaded when it comes to brutality, but far from so damaged that I don't appreciate what TERRORIZER has done for extreme Metal. (Online March 8, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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