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Insignium - In Die Abgründe (6,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Black Attakk
Playing time: 53:21
Band homepage: Insignium


  1. Moorleiche >mp3
  2. Der Alte Kampe
  3. Emotional Suicide
  4. Bunkerkrieg
  5. Gefistet
  6. Der Brief
  7. Vulva Stellaris
  8. In Die Abgründe
Insignium - In Die Abgründe

Time for some of that furious Germanic Black Metal! There’s no question about what kind of genre you’re dealing with when you get to review a release from Black Attakk so let’s just get one thing straight right now: INSIGNIUM (and everything else in the Black Attakk band roster) equals Raw Black Metal and nothing else.


Fans of Garm era BORKNAGAR, IMMORTAL and NAGLFAR are going to like “In Die Abgründe” and its eight traditionally designed compositions. The band sings in German (“Emotional Suicide” being an exception to the rule) but since there are no lyrics for me to read through it’s pretty much useless to discern any sentences, more importantly, the vocals are basic and savage enough to do justice to the rest of the sound.


More pumped up than label colleagues SANCTIMONIOUS ORDER, INSIGNIUM do things faster through grim execution. Blast beats aplenty, raging guitars, vengeful vocals, there’s been no debate whatsoever between the band members on where they should’ve added keyboard lines or if drum loops could’ve made this album a more unfitting but still formidable tribute to the elders of the genre, what they’ve done with this debut album of theirs is good and traditional but maybe a tad too indigent in the long run.


I feel I should mention “Bunkerkrieg” and the album’s thirteen minute closing title cut, both have some very aggressive outpourings but never stay locked up in total blackness as the necessary melodic passages add more direction.


Embedded in a heartless and “foggy” sound barrier, the package is complete, nearly every criteria demanded on a raw Black Metal album has been laid down, for some that’s a good thing, to my ears “In Die Abgründe” sounds… well… just ordinary though not prehistorically dated. (Online March 10, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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