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Reckless Tide - Repent Or Seal Your Fate (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Armageddon Music
Playing time: 54:08
Band homepage: Reckless Tide


  1. Desperation >mp3
  2. Self Destruct
  3. Misery
  4. The Hunt
  5. Death Train
  6. Damned For Now And Nevermore
  7. Demons And Dictators
  8. Repent Or Seal Your Fate
  9. Equality
  10. Lebende Organverpflanzung
  11. Shed The Chains
  12. Intensity
  13. To Die For Creativity
  14. Reckless Tide
Reckless Tide - Repent Or Seal Your Fate

German band… from Hannover… playing Thrash Metal… zzzzz… wait… is that a killer looking female blonde handling the guitar? On paper RECKLESS TIDE makes me wanna roll my eyes in dismay, then there’s the odd but cool addition of Suzanne Swillus. A female guitar player in Thrash Metal isn’t common practice, not even today when seemingly everything goes with Metal music. Nevertheless, she’s bad ass looking and with fourteen songs prepared for a smashing debut it looks like the band means business.


“Repent Or Seal Your Fate” combines vintage Thrash Metal ingredients with modern song writing and versatile vocal work packed with all the anger and relentless pulsations needed to make it sound authentic. Tracks like “Desperation”, “Death Train”, “Damned For Now And Nevermore” (features Sabina Classen of HOLY MOSES) and the title cut are noteworthy because of the charming use of old school hooked riffing and intense vocal delivery, it’s done properly and there’s not so much of blatant repetition spreading that “sameness” feel over the album’s identity.


Occasionally you’ll hear some growling, on a couple of tracks the style is more directed at Melodic Death Metal even though the band isn’t really affiliated with the sound, it’s more of an exploration thing which might result in more excessive use on future recordings. A more amusing and hopefully only temporary take on Death Metal is found on “Lebende Organverpflanzung”, try not to take this track too seriously ok?


Solos lie scattered, some songs have ‘em (wonder how many of them are played by Swillus, Germany’s Thrash Metal mama hehe), some don’t, I know I was very pleased to learn that good ol´ Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) had been given a guest spot on “To Die For Creativity” and used every second of it. Andrew Troth and Kjell Hallgreen’s fast vocal changeovers could cause some confusion at first, give it some time and you’ll benefit more from the singing, definitely a future trademark of the band.


With a recognisable Andy Classen mix pushing their songs to the max, the band now has some pretty good sales points don’t ya think? I’d check this one out, may not be over exciting but for a debut it’s got potential, can’t argue with that. (Online March 11, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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