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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - LYRIEL - Prisonworld

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Lyriel - Prisonworld (6/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Black Bards Entertainment
Playing time: 46:16
Band homepage: Lyriel


  1. At The Mindnightsgate
  2. Prisonworld
  3. The Crown Of The Twilight
  4. Symmetry Of Disfiguration
  5. The Singing Nightingale
  6. Lind E-huil
  7. There’s A Rainbow In The Rain
  8. Fate Of Knowledge
  9. The Judgement Of My Harvest Heart
  10. Day In June
  11. The Spring And The Flight
  12. Symmetry Of Disfiguration (Acoustic) (Bonus Tracks)
  13. The Crown Of The Twilight (Acoustic) (Bonus Tracks)
Lyriel - Prisonworld

It’s not often I get to hear Romantic Celtic Rock, sounds very pure, medieval, majestic, it sounds like this band I know nothing of.


There’s something drawing about the music of LYRIEL, like an escape to magical places afar, I can definitely see this band becoming an influential source with time because they have their own sound. The sound is innocent, it’s not overproduced or flying high on pompous atmospheres (RHAPSODY, STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH), the environment on “Prisonworld” is clean and calm, soothing, I like it, it’s fresh.


Instead of using big choirs and orchestras, they build their songs around softy melodic guitars, both heavy and lots of clean sounds, folksy violins and cellos, intricate keys and enchanting albeit a bit insecure female vocals and once you drink from the well there’s a chance that your mind will be absent from reality for awhile, believe me, it’s hard not to be drawn into a world of fantasy when you listen to the Elvish sung “Lind E-huil”, that is if you’re into fantasy stuff and your best friends are imaginary eldars.


BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, ELVENKING, SKYCLAD, I’ll bet some of the musical inspiration is gathered from these bands, especially the first mentioned. Not one song clocks over six minutes, so don’t expect big time epics, this doesn’t relegate the affectionate atmosphere of the tracks, the fourteen legged constellation still sounds fresh and the music is always on the run.


Alright, time for the cons. First off, not every song is a hit, some could’ve been better structured and you know what, it would be great if the voice of Jessica Thierjung joined the party, she has a rather silent voice that doesn’t really fit with the more up tempo moments, it’s like I’m not being guided well enough through these pseudo-middle-earthy lands. The mixing is rushed as if they had been far too hasty in the studio, thankfully it only damaged some of the songs.


So yeah, “Prisonworld” isn’t going to be a best seller but if the band members keep working hard with their music and cast their spells more carefully, they might be the next Folk Metal band earning your acceptance. (Online March 19, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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