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Divercia - Cycle Of Zero (7,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 40:20
Band homepage: Divercia


  1. Of Steel And Man >mp3
  2. Iron Hearted Cross
  3. Overwhelming
  4. Cycle Of Zero
  5. Underground
  6. 7.62
  7. 2nd Ghost
  8. Start At The End
  9. God For Gold
Divercia - Cycle Of Zero

LOST IN TWILIGHT’s only MCD “Planeteer” is in my possession, as far as I know also “Modus Operandi“, the debut of the LIT-follow-up DIVERCIA, is somewhere in my collection, but completely passed me by, but if Thomas gives a Gothic Metal CD 8 points, then it’s more than honourable, I would say.


The sextet, including the former THY SERPENT drummer Teemu Laitinen, presents its second long player with “Cycle Of Zero“ and when reading the reviews of the debut and listen to the new album, then I feel as if I should really dig up “Modus Operandi“. Even though DIVERCIA roughly could be categorized as Gothic Metal, they are miles away from HIM and consorts, the same goes for the sopranistic fraction, for here we get something quite a bit heavier.


“Of Steel And Man“, for example, rumbles through the Finnish lake-landscape with fat double-bass and heavy riffing, quite untypical for this style, also showing that they have a very variable singer with Jyri Aarniva, who masters the deep Goth as well as growls, with everything always staying catchy and melodic, very good opener! “Iron Hearted Cross“ sounds a bit like a mix of typically Finnish Gothic Metal and the more traditional Metal of NIGHTWISH (minus the female vocals, of course, but with big keyboard element), just to strengthen the Death Metal vocals on “Overwhelming“, combined with a very melodic sound, I would like to add.


“Underground“ revives the heavy riffing and thunderous drumming, just to get super melodic in the chorus, so they further live off the contrast of these elements, even though they completely step over into Gothic Metal with “Start At The End“, just to unleash more of the guitars again on “God For Gold“ and put a good closer to the album.


Combined with a very powerful production and a quite genre typical video for “Overwhelming“, the whole thing results in a very interesting, variable and at times surprisingly heavy Gothic Metal album, which lets the lines between the genres blur here and there. Some might be put off a bit by the partly typical Gothic Metal voice, others by the harsher vocals, but exactly that lets DIVERCIA stand out of the mainstream and that already is worth something, right? Definitely worth checking out! (Online March 21, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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