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Void Of Silence - Criteria Ov 666 (7,5/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Code666
Playing time: 50:53
Band homepage: Void Of Silence


  1. Velocity.Electricity.Tvnecro.
  2. With No Half-Measure
  3. Anthem For Doomed Youth
  4. Anger
  5. The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence
  6. Nothing.Immortal
  7. Victory!
  8. Universal Separation
  9. Xtc-elevation-trip
Void Of Silence - Criteria Ov 666
It is not exactly an easily digestible mixture that Malfeitor Fabban (Vocals), Riccardo Conforti (Synthesizer/Drums) and Ivan Zara (Guitar/Bass) are smacking into us under the name of VOID OF SILENCE, with very different sounds. So parts of Nordic Black Metal merge with viscous Doom passages of the MY DYING BRIDE brand, just to end up in a menacing Industrial wall. Happy natures will most probably shrink back into a dark niche, shivering in fright, whiningly asking the creator for forgiveness, before the gates to hell slowly and inexplicably open and the praying man child is dragged down into the abyss by the Dark One himself.

Orchestral sound walls build up around the listener, creating an apocalyptic atmosphere that leads you, if you want to or not, into the dark and menacing world of VOID OF SILENCE. Trying to flee will not yield any success and the more often you succumb to this scenario, the more "Criteria Ov 666" lets you dive into the weird thought world of the three Italians. Single songs cannot be picked out to be mentioned as check out tips, because this album has to be viewed and listened to as a complete piece of art. Just because of that the album is not listenable in between, but needs a certain amount of attention to fully unfold.

Comparisons to their countrymen of MONUMENTUM are not to be wiped away completely, because the approach on the songs often is bafflingly similar. But one should be careful with the accusation of a clone, because the altogether nine tracks are far from being a pure copy of existing sound structures. The material of "Criteria Ov 666" has been crafted with a lot of effort and for sure has taken quite some time until all the ideas could be put together. Very different samples have been gathered and embedded into the compositions, resulting in a remarkable whole, which nicely differs from other, similarly aimed works and for a long time offers us variation.

Those, who only like their music in hyperspeed and do not like extremely slow music, should keep their fingers away from this one. But all, who like to disappear into heavy and dark spheres should try out VOID OF SILENCE with all care and get both their ears filled by "Criteria Ov 666" with the right volume. (Online May 9, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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