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Alchemist - Organasm (8/10) - Australia - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 50:38
Band homepage: Alchemist


  1. Austral Spectrum >mp3
    Evolution Trilogy
  2. Part 1 – The Bio Approach
  3. Part 2 – Rampant Macro Life
  4. Part 3 – Warning Tribes – Eventual Demise
  5. Single Sided
  6. Surreality
  7. New Beginning
  8. Tide In, Mind Out >mp3
  9. Eclectic
  10. Escape From The Black Hole
Alchemist - Organasm

Cross-over Metal bands, when the work is well done, are more than welcome in a Metal scene that is more than alive, but needs to stay fresh and evolving.


Australia’s ALCHEMIST is definitely a band hard to pinpoint style-wise. Ranging from Death to Grindcore with some Black Metal and Thrash Metal influences, they positively define originality. “Astral Spectrum”, the first songs of the album, kicks of with some Didgeridoo (Native Australian musical instrument) samples, that sets the table perfectly for what is it next to come. Heavy and Thrashy guitars coupled with some weird samples makes this album sounding really refreshing. Vocally, it can be a case of acquired taste, as the singer often goes from screams to harsh death vocals to some clean parts. He may be the weakest link of the album, although it is a small issue that should not bother open-minded people.


This album is a true gift for people who still are in search of bands who do not fear to leave known territories and venture through originality and uniqueness. Not so often do we get the chance to hear such a distinctive album. (Online March 24, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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