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Lengsel - Solace (7/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Solid State Records
Playing time: 43:19
Band homepage: Lengsel


  1. Revival
  2. Opaque
  3. Hours
  4. Coat of Arms
  5. Settle Dualisme
  6. The World Monotone
  7. Awake
Lengsel - Solace

LENGSEL hail from the land of cold Black Metal, Norway. Featuring Tor Magne S. Glidje, John Robert Mjaland and Ole Halvard Sveen (all EXTOL members), this could be seen as the Black Metal side project of EXTOL, although they added a little twist, since the role of the members involved are a bit changed. Sveen handles the drums instead of the guitars and Tor, not only the guitar, but the vocals too. EXTOL is already quite a technical Thrash Metal band, so this shows how much talent the guys have to display, as the musical style is already different than what they play usually.


Musically we are treated with some fairly technical Black Metal ala CRADLE OF FILTH and old IMMORTAL. The guitar riffs are speedy and incisive and the drumming is more than technical for this kind of Black Metal, with lots of blast beats to be found. The vocals by Tor are rather harsh and scratchy, which fits the music perfectly and he ventures into clean vocal territories for a few times, which are not bad at all either.


Sonically though, there are some issues to be found. There is a serious bottom end problem, as you get to hear next to no bass, which is a shame since Mjaland is not the worst bassist out there. You only get to hear the amount of talent he has on the fifth song “Coat Of Arms”. It would have been nice to hear him more interplay with the guitars and the drums. Also, since the production is a bit sloppy at times, it seems like the music is not that focused, since everything blends into a perplexing, undecipherable wall of sound.


As a curiosity, since this is a side project of EXTOL members, this album may be of some interest for a few Black Metal fans, although it is to guess that true Black Metal fans won’t find anything special with this release. (Online March 26, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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