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Freedom Call - Stairway To Fairyland (7,5/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Wagram Music
Playing time: 55:09
Band homepage: Freedom Call


  1. Over The Rainbow >mp3
  2. Tears Falling
  3. Fairyland >mp3
  4. Shine On
  5. We Are One >mp3
  6. Hymn To The Brave >mp3
  7. Tears Of Taragon
  8. Graceland
  9. Holy Knight
  10. Another Day
Freedom Call - Stairway To Fairyland

In 1999, Dan Zimmerman, famous drummer of GAMMA RAY had a great idea: to form is own solo project. And while he was at it, he thought that it would be nice and simple, just to follow the path of HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY, to record some “new” Power Metal music. So he hired some young and unknown musicians to play the bass and guitar and a strong Matos wannabe singer to complete the bunch…then he tried to fool us…and nearly made it!


FREEDOM CALL made quite a fuzz in 1999, when they released their first album “Stairway To Fairyland”. While the scene was watching the venue of young comers like RHAPSODY and SONATA ARCTICA, Zimmerman and co managed to catch the press off guard by releasing a by-the-number Power Metal album, yet quite enjoyable and entertaining. With speedy Metal hymns such as “Over The Rainbow” and “Tears Falling”, this was sure to please any true Metal hearts, ready to go to fight for the cause.


Produced by Charles Bauerfeind (of BLIND GUARDIAN fame), the sound is simply huge, although the orchestration sounds way too fake (ask RHAPSODY how to manage orchestrations, you’ll be more than pleased!).


Every Power Metal cliché is to be found… From the speedy twin guitar attacks and the uninspired double bass drums to the laughable song titles (“Hymn To The Brave” is just a cruel attempt to make us forget “Glory To The Brave – HAMMERFALL”, but that is a different story).


The question that remains to be asked is why Zimmerman felt the need for such an album, as he could have played his songs in GAMMA RAY…let’s just guess that a certain Kai Hansen must have something to do with that… (Online March 26, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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