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Pain - It. Will. Hurt. (Peter Tägtgren) - Online Mar. 2005

As a healthy living human being, I can only imagine what dying must feel like, haven’t exactly had the privilege of passing away to have a looksy at what’s on the other side yet. The stressed out drama engulfing Peter Tägtgren has reached a new state of nosy public attention now that he’s released his fourth album under his PAIN project, mostly because of his two minute exit out of life, which also became the central lyrical theme on the album. “Dancing With The Dead”, unexpectedly, is a pretty nice and relaxing vacation from the usual Metal stuff you find on the shelves, and it’s no secret that Tägtgren and his influential main band mean a lot to me, in this rather short and straightforward interview I did manage to get three words (three words I tell ya!!!) out of him on what the new HYPOCRISY album will sound like, I’m so proud. Now where’s my bonus Alex huh? :)


Hello Peter! Wow, this is so surreal, getting one of my biggest Metal inspirations to answer some of my questions :), how’s it working out for you these days?


Thanks - all going well. Busy, but good.


I know you have a busy schedule so let’s get started right away. The new PAIN album is currently making some waves in the media, how has the response been so far?


Really, really good I must say. I am overwhelmed with some response I've got so far.


From a promotional view, “Dancing With The Dead” couldn’t have been treated better, I mean, if you hadn’t cheated death like you did last year, it would just be another regular album wouldn’t you agree?


Not really, I'd probably just write about other stuff - but maybe it has influenced the album in a good way... I don't know.


Does this change the face of PAIN, I mean with this horrible event occurring and all, is it still a hobby or has it become more serious now?


Well, I don't think too much about it. PAIN has always been serious for me.


Well now you’re more a Rock star than the whole MÖTLEY CRÜE gang altogether hehe. Your passing was cause by stress was it? Tell me, what’s a normal working day for Peter Tägtgren?


I don't think I'm a bigger rock star than the MÖTLEY CRÜE guys... but a normal day includes recording, mixing, planning, talking on the phone and answering a lot of questions about the first three...


I found that the music in PAIN differ a whole lot from your main band but I can immediately tell that it’s your work when examining the arrangements, small details, layers etc etc. Does it feel any different when composing a song for PAIN, does it require a certain mood, like a stressful period perhaps or can you start writing an album at any time?


Usually when I write a song, it starts with an idea, a riff or something and evolves from there. Sometimes I know straight away that it's a HYPOCRISY song, sometimes I know it's a PAIN song. Sometimes it takes some time for them to develop and "land" in the right camp.


On this album it’s pretty obvious the themed dealt with is death and misery but what about musical influences, where did PAIN come from originally?


The whole idea behind PAIN was that I was hearing a lot of music that was very inspiring, especially a lot of the electronic and techno scene, and I wanted to incorporate that into my writing. It was definitely not something for HYPOCRISY, so I started PAIN.


I imagine its a longer process to record a PAIN since you’re doing everything, is it hard to keep an clear overview of everything when going solo?


Not really. It takes a while, but that's more down to me being a bloody perfectionist!


See now this is my first try with this band, how does it differ from the other albums you’ve made under this moniker?


I'd definitely start with this record. It's the most advanced production-wise, and also I'm very proud of the song-writing on this one.


The idea of putting a DVD along with the CD was a pretty neat surprise, it definitely gives the fan a chance to get closer to your work while at the same time also illustrating that the world of PAIN is not simple altogether, I mean there’s definitely depth to a track like “Same Old Song” and the title track, agree?


Yeah, I quite like the idea to include an extra "gift" to the people who buy the record early on. Also, there is a short film showing some of the stuff behind the mixing and recording of “Dancing With The Dead”, for those out there who might be interested in that type of shit... hehe...


So how are you going to promote this album, extensive touring or just a few local shows? I know a full-fledged tour has already been confirmed.


Well, we haven't got anything confirmed right now - we're still negotiating a couple of tours. I'll definitely hit the road soon though.


You did a tour recently with SIRENIA, TIAMAT and THEATER OF TRAGEDY, what was that like, how was the feedback from the crowd?


It was amazing. It was heart-warming to see so many people who knew the lyrics and my older stuff, as well as the new songs.


Don’t know if I’m a little behind here, but what’s the official status of Abyss Studios, do you still have time to produce other bands?


Nowadays, I'm VERY selective with what I record there - I just haven't got the time I'd need to get everything done.


In closing, and I hope I’m being too rude here, may I ask for your opinion on the new HYPOCRISY CD? Could you maybe sum it up in three words, the fans are very curious now that the band’s been slightly altered in the line-up hehe.


It. Will. Hurt.


Ok, I think I’m all out of q´s here. Thanks a million Peter for doing this, good luck in supporting “Dancing With The Dead”, you have the last words!


Well - thanks for listening in, and see you soon on tour!



1997: Pain (CD, Nuclear Blast)

1999: Rebirth (CD, Stockholm)

2002: Nothing Remains The Same (CD, Stockholm)

2005: Dancing With The Dead (CD, Stockholm)


Frodi Stenberg

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