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Amoral - Wound Creation (7/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Spikefarm
Playing time: 52:36
Band homepage: Amoral


  1. The Verge
  2. Atrocity Evolution >mp3
  3. Silent Renewal
  4. Solvent
  5. The Last Round
  6. Other Flesh
  7. Distract >mp3
  8. Nothing Daunted
  9. Languor Passage
  10. Metamorphosis
Amoral - Wound Creation

has really been bombarding the U.S.A. with their bands that span every genre. Now, we are treated to AMORAL who are in your face from the get go. "The Verge" is a cool instrumental that is melodic and somewhat technical, but not very aggressive. I was expecting something more. Well, we jump into "Atrocity Evolution" and all hell breaks loose.


The guitar work sounds a tad like MESHUGGAH without being overly complicated. The vocals from Niko are very guttural for this type of music. Usually they scream, but not here. Niko goes more for the CANNIBAL CORPSE type of gargling. The composition is somewhat complex complete with intriguing solos and melodies that make this band stand out. What we are graced here is not your typical run of the mill Melodic Death Metal. Despite the lethal grunting and dual shredding and pounding, there is a killer rhythm section that makes this music not only memorable, but stand out.


Think of any melodic, technical Death Metal band from the past/present and I am quite sure you will find the influence in there, but the guys have everything calculated just right meaning they known when to be straight forward and when to show off their skills and the one constant that remains is originality. Every track is a full on assault of your ears, but if you dig this stuff then it will be pure heaven for you. (Online March 29, 2005)

Joe Florez

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