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Pain - Dancing With The Dead (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: Stockholm Records
Playing time: 47:27
Band homepage: Pain


  1. Don't Count Me Out
  2. Same Old Song
  3. Nothing
  4. The Tables Have Turned
  5. Not Afraid To Die
  6. Dancing With The Dead
  7. Tear It Up
  8. Bye / Die
  9. My Misery
  10. A Good Day To Die
  11. Stay Away
  12. The Third Wave
Pain - Dancing With The Dead

Wow, this is an enormous surprise! After I liked at best three or four songs quite well on the PAIN-albums so far, mastermind Tägtren comes bobbing across the Baltic Sea with an album that almost contains superb songs only. It is metallic, has slight Industrial influences, lots of samples and trippy beats, a Gothic touch from time to time and at another time, bands like KILLING JOKE or DIE KRUPPS come to my mind…I give up – let’s say PAIN know how to refine contemporary Metal music with electronics and endow it with poppy killer hooks without sounding banal or crappy. Especially Peter’s vocals were able to improve enornously…


It is especially the ingenius „Same Old Song“ that you won’t get rid of due to the hypnotic (Russian-sounding) keyboard parts and the chorus. The hit potential is enormous and the song could/should become a long-runner in the appropriate fidgetting clubs…but “Nothing”, “The Third Wave” or the angry “A Good Day To Die” are also becoming long-burners in my stereo. Quality is trumps here, even to songs that don’t really blow my mind, such as “Don’t Count Me” or “Dancing With The Dead”, you at least have to attest that they rip decently and would count among the top material with other troops! (Online March 29, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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