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Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever (7/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 31:38
Band homepage: Dimension Zero


  1. Silent Night Fever
  2. The Murder-Inn
  3. Through The Virgin Sky
  4. Your Darkest Hour
  5. Not Even Dead
  6. They Are Awaiting To Take Us
  7. Untill You Die
  8. End
  9. Slow Silence
Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever
It seems like ages ago that the DIMENSION ZERO-EP "Penetrations From The Lost World" came out. On that album, Jesper Strömblad, Glenn Ljungström (both IN FLAMES at that time), Jocke Göthberg (ex-MARDUK) and Hasse Nilsson gave us a fresh version of Death Metal, and many IN FLAMES-fans fell in love with the All-star-project. Now, after years of waiting, finally the first full-length album is released.

"Silent Night Fever" was recorded with the exact same line-up as "Penetrations From The Lost World", and some of the songs of that EP have been redone for this release, like the excellent "Through The Virgin Sky". DIMENSION ZERO still brings us their same brand of heavy yet melodic Death Metal as before, remembering us of the older IN FLAMES-days. But, I want to make clear that DIMENSION ZERO is/was not the return of IN FLAMES. I just want to say that DIMENSION ZERO is closer to IN FLAMES than IN FLAMES is (yes, very confusing, but you know what I mean, right?). It's in your face Melodic Death Metal, with good vocals (how can it be bad, Göthberg was a MARDUK-member!), a solid drum performance and good guitar work. But.

Although the songs are quite entertaining, it seems something is missing. Let me say it like this: All the songs are good, but none of them is outstanding. The re-polished version of "Through The Virgin Sky" doesn't sound as raw as on the EP, which IMO sounded better. Not that the production is bad, no, on the contrary, but the sharpness seems to be gone a bit. There are some good tracks though, "Your Darkest Hour" and "They Are Awaiting To Take Us" are definitely highlights, and also "Slow Silence" stands out, but this is probably cause it's not like the rest of the songs, but more non-distorted guitars with spoken words. The 31 minutes is on the short side, especially since it's been five years since the EP came out, so that should have been enough time to write some more material.

I wouldn't be surprised if people are gonna love "Silent Night Fever", mostly cause I have found out that my musical taste is somewhat drifting away from the Melodic Death Metal-scene, what might have led to giving this album a lower rate. Or maybe my expectations were just too high. So, you can easily pick this up, it's a decent album, but just not the ticket back to the days of AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES that many people hoped DIMENSION ZERO would provide.

Vincent Portegijs

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