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Triplesix - s/t (4/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Ambient / Metal
Label: Gestalt Records
Playing time: 26:52
Band homepage: Triplesix


  1. Nobody Knows The Truth
  2. Neverlasting
  3. Gestalt
  4. Newton’s Apple
  5. Catharsis
  6. Friedrich
  7. Retrograde
Triplesix - s/t

I’ve no doubt that TRIPLESIX from the Netherlands is committed to their own brand of Ambient Metal. That’s what it says on the promo info! This is the outfit’s first album, albeit a short seven track affair and although played from the heart with a lot of soul it’s about exciting as a pair of slippers.


Opening track ‘’Nobody Knows The Truth’’ is a garage band covering MOTÖRHEAD and THE SEX PISTOLS. ‘’Neverlasting’ features a quite ridiculous keyboard fill that would be better heard on a Techno record. The vocals of band leader and bassist Wilmar Taal really begin to grate, annoy and irritate around the second track. A kind of cross between Jonny Rotten and Axl Rose. That is not good in my book. The guitar riffs the least said the better as they offer nothing other than being re-hashed Metal riffs from say MANOWAR especially on the track ‘’Gestalt’’ The only ray of hope lies in the last track ‘’Retrograde’’ which perhaps shows that a semi-decent song from TRIPLESIX isn’t that far away. (Online April 1, 2005)

Chris Doran

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