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Spellgate - Exodus (6/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 52:31
Band homepage: Spellgate


  1. The Lands Of Ardigm >mp3
  2. Curse Of Malgei >mp3
  3. Najaeti Star >mp3
  4. Dawn Of The Drochsid
  5. Among The Haunting
  6. Day Of Defeat
  7. Kyrute’s Song
  8. The Premonition
  9. Heroes To Be
  10. Steel, Flame And Glory
Spellgate - Exodus

Imagine that this album has been mixed at the Finnvox studio and keep that in mind while you read this review, so there won’t be no need to write that the production of the album is so horrible, that even a demo shouldn’t sound like this.


SKYLARK is the perfect example to qualify this band. Eddy Antonini’s band always had some great ideas but always ruined it with a disastrous production that always outshined the creativity of the band. Well, with SPELLGATE, the same issue applies. And it is really sad, since their idea of mixing a more modern approach on the keyboards with some Folk elements and decent female vocals wasn’t that displeasing.


If this album serves as a demo, well, it can excuse some of the problems of the production and shows a band that knows how to write some really driving Power Metal songs. But everything from the bad guitar sounds to the cheap Casio keyboard effects sounds just laughable. Strong efforts must have been put into this recording and it is a shame, as if we would have been able to hear the music behind the good vocal lines, it would have been easier to give a fair review to this album. But the music sounds like it was recorded way too far behind a wall of full concrete. We barely get to hear the guitar riffs.


It is to guess that the band already knew that their production would ruin their music and thus, any chance of fair reviews. Let‘s just hope they know that their sound is bad and that in the future they will improve it. Then, for sure their music will be easier to review and will get a more fair approach.


4/10 for the production, 7/10 for the effort and the new ideas. (Online April 2, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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