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Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs (6,5/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Playing time: 40:51
Band homepage: Red Harvest


  1. Anatomy Of The Unknown >mp3
  2. Fall Of Fate
  3. Abstract Morality Junction
  4. Mekanizm
  5. Symbol Of Decay
  6. Teknocrate
  7. Synthesize My DNA
  8. Wormz
  9. 4-4-1-8
  10. Internal Punishment Programs
Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs

I have always heard about RED HARVEST and how they take a different approach towards Death Metal. Here's my chance to examine their new piece of work. "Anatomy Of The Unknown" is a blistering piece of work with the scorching double bass rumblings and loud Industrial guitar riffs. Ofu Kahn is very hard to hear because his clean voice here seems to get buried to the max thanks to what I believe was bad mixing because the music is way up front while Ofu is way in the back.


Was that the way they want it or was it an accident? I don't know. Now, the production is much better as everything is mixed perfectly because Ofu is heard loud and clear screaming in a Hardcore style while the band all just pound away viciously on "Fall Of Fate." The band is all about being diverse because we are only on the third track and this one is different as well. "Abstract Morality Junction" sounds like cheesy 80's Industrial when it first broke out and the heaviest thing at the time was MINISTRY in its infancy stage. It's just vocals with a simple programmed beat and synths. "Mekanizm" now comes into play and we are treated to a more Death Metal style that is pure and simple. This is pretty aggressive.


Sure everything is hard and heavy, but it seems like once we get halfway through the CD, things begin to repeat themselves. The creative juices just stopped flowing and they just repeat what they did during the beginning of this hellacious journey. Hey look, this isn't a bad offering, but there is only so much heaviness that you can take in a certain time span. Forty minutes isn't bad, but I think that if you listen to half one day and the other on the next then you are all good. This is a decent band and if you like it in your face than you should be in your glory. (Online April 4, 2005)

Joe Florez

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