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Powerwolf - Return In Bloodred (6/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 40:04
Band homepage: Powerwolf


  1. Mr. Sinister >mp3
  2. We Came To Take Your Souls >mp3
  3. Kiss Of The Cobra King
  4. Black Mass Hysteria
  5. Demons & Diamonds
  6. Montecore
  7. The Evil Made Me Do It
  8. Lucifer In Starlight
  9. Son Of The Morning Star
Powerwolf - Return In Bloodred

This can’t be true – Metal Blade announced the debut of the „mighty POWERWOLF“ as epic, powerful Metal that is supposed to serve as a soundtrack to wet dreams. Slow down, guys! Once again this is so exaggerated I ask myself what they heard. Probably not the debut of the band POWERWOLF. Labelling them “saviors of Heavy Metal” is a joke. Firstly this is rather Hard Rock that passes for a mixture between WASP and DREAM EVIL…And apart from a flawless technical effort at the instruments and partly good songwriting, some things disturb me…


Although the album starts in a quite good way, as “Mr. Sinister” and “We Came To Take Your Souls” both count among the disc’s highlights. But what annonys me the most are the stupid Ooohooo-choirs that were already done to death by HAMMERFALL. Or “wooouwouuuwouuu“ – this makes me want to puke...What I want to mention positively is the really fat production and the good guitars. Basically Attila Dorn has a good voice that is somewhat reminiscent of Blackie Lawless, but he’s not one of the best Metal vocalists of this time by any means. I find a song like “Montecore” quite well-done as well, with the chorus seeming somewhat crappy to me, though. The same goes for the doomy, sinister “The Evil Made Me Do It”, which cannot do without the dumb Ooohooos and furthermore has a stupid chorus.


„Lucifer In Starlight“ is the best track of the whole album and is pure Epic Doom. Nearly everything is right here, so it does work! With the closing “Son Of The Mourning Star” a lady joins the actions vocal-wise, which almost sounds musical-like and rather is a stretched outro. Wasn’t really necessary? Of course some will beg to differ, but I stick to it…For such a hyped band that was announced as “saviors of Heavy Metal” before, an album with only four good pieces is very meagre! (Online April 5, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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