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Folklord - Resistance (6,5/10) - Brazil - 2004

Genre: Folk / Black Metal
Label: Somber Music
Playing time: 55:12
Band homepage: -


  1. The Secret Of Steel - Part 1
  2. Sons Of War
  3. Os Doentes
  4. A Warrior And His Battle
  5. Pagan Ritual (A Call To The Ancient Ones)
  6. Resistência Pagana (The Inkas' Revenge)
  7. The Cursed Egyptian Saga
  8. Hail To Nature!!!
  9. The Secret Of Steel - Part II
Folklord - Resistance

Also a member of the first Somber Music releases (so far we had CRUX CAELIFERA, MIASTHENIA and PACTUM) is the quartet FOLKLORD, which’s style one can very well guess already. Somber Music so far have only brought us Black Metal, while the band bears Folk in its name. So now when you add up 2 and 5, you get tons of different results, but Folk Black Metal is not only the most likely, but also the most correct.


Looking at the cover and booklet two things strike: The, in my opinion, weak cover, the grimace in the foreground is not exactly repellent, but not really inviting (although the noble slipcase more than makes up for that) and then the little surprise that FOLKLORD despite the cover do not use any corpse paint, I don’t know why, but I had fully expected it.


But that doesn’t matter, let’s rather have a look at the music. And that one is introduced by the first part of “The Secret Of Steel” (the second one is on the end of the CD), the title sounds a lot like True Metal, but what we really get is at first fast Black Metal with a rough (but not shrieky) voice. Then suddenly an acoustic guitar begins to accompany the electric one, with spoken vocals and then a slow-paced rhythm, interesting, while the voice gets harsher again. So the will is absolutely there, it’s done pretty well, too, even though it still sounds a bit bumpy.


And that also can be applied to big parts of the rest, they try very hard to put variety into their songs and differ from the rest and don’t do a bad job there, unfortunately the whole thing is not fully worked out yet. Twice things get really interesting, with “Os Doentes“, which has a Brazilian poem as lyrics (and also musically continues this, with acoustic guitar, flute and all) and the ten-minute “The Cursed Egyptian Saga“, where they creatively all over the place.


Definitely also positive is the use of the folky elements, which nicely elevate FOLKLORD from the mainstream and even though they are not fully fluently implemented so far, they show that the guys from Jundiaí do not only have the will, but also at least partly the skills to realise these ideas musically. Unfortunately the production is not all that helpful, even though it does not drag the CD down too much.


All in all a debut that can’t fully convince, but still is a finger point towards what the quartet is capable of, FOLKLORD definitely sound different and altogether quite good, who counts Folk Black Metal amongst his favourites should definitely check the guys out. (Online April 8, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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