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Tad Morose - A Mended Rhyme (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1996

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 57:45
Band homepage: Tad Morose


  1. This Circuit Vision
  2. But Angels Shine
  3. A Mended Rhyme
  4. The Trader Of Souls
  5. Time Of No Sun
  6. The Dragon Tide
  7. Goddess Of Chaos
  8. The Vacant Lot
  9. Guest Of Inquisition
Tad Morose - A Mended Rhyme
We write the year 1997. Four years before I had won a copy of the TAD MOROSE-debut "Leaving The Past Behind" at "Rock Hard"-magazine. Then all of a sudden I received the news that singer Kristian Andrén had left the band. I was sad and had worried for their future.

Carefully I put in "A Mended Rhyme" and wham! I was floored. Andrén was forgotten, because TAD MOROSE had a new singer - and what a singer! Urban Breed had entered the scene and the Bollnäs-fiver proved to be better than ever, a truly remarkable comeback, absolutely!

Very forceful Power Metal without any "happy"-tendencies, but quite the contrary, with at times almost doomy-dark atmosphere, keyboard-support (which never pushes to the fore, though), great melodies and Urban Breed's brilliant voice.

"A Mended Rhyme" is kicked off by the fast, driving und very catchy "This Circuit Vision", adorned with keyboards and irresistible in its melody-lines, a brilliant beginning for a killer-album, crowned by the first taste of Urban Breed, where did that guy hide before? After that "But Angels Shine" steps down into more sluggish, yes almost doomy, but just as powerful, spheres, showcasing the other, equally great side of TAD MOROSE. The title-track then varies between these two "extremes" and is just like the rest very catchy, but without even remotely getting shallow.

I could continue like this, but "A Mended Rhyme" just has got no fillers, in the course of the album we still get epic/fast stuff ("The Dragon Tide"), epic/mid-paced stuff (the brilliant "Time Of No Sun") and also heavy/slow-paced stuff ("The Vacant Lot"), all on an equally very high level, musically as vocally, with Urban Breed the Bollnäs-troop has made an incredibly good catch, no doubt!

Brilliant, cliché-free, original Power Metal with doomy elements and world-class-vocals, that's TAD MOROSE, period!

Alexander Melzer

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