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Persefone - Truth Inside The Shades (9/10) - Andorra - 2004

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 43:38
Band homepage: Persefone


  1. My Unwithered Shrine
  2. The Whisper Of Men >mp3
  3. Truth Inside The Shades >mp3
  4. Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold The Edge)
  5. Atomperal Divinity
  6. The Demise Of Oblivion >mp3
Persefone - Truth Inside The Shades

Andorra – next to Hong Kong the most probably smallest country that we have bid welcome on the pages of “The Metal Observer“, PERSEFONE is the band, that made this possible, with its Adipocere debut “Truth Inside The Shades“. And the quartet definitely does not need any exotic’s bonus, because the album does not only receive rave reviews everywhere, no, it also fully deserves them!


The band that had been founded back in 2001 is delivering an album that is stomping the majority of bands that try to combine progressive sounds with Death Metal into the ground with ease. Even though that in theory places them pretty close to bands such as OPETH and NOVEMBRE you should not put PERSEFONE down as a clone, because they have so much more to offer.


After the classical piano intro “My Unwithered Shrine” “The Whisper Of Men” shows us the mastered split between melodic Death Metal and progressive elements and on the one hand is powerful and quite fast, with at times quite harsh vocals, but then also gear down into mid-tempo, also with a very good clear voice. And with the almost eleven-minute title track they throw a true gemstone towards the listener, combining double-bass-passages with very quiet parts including clean vocals and altogether a pretty unusual piano that breaks out of the typical harmonies.


So you can see that there is a certain (albeit incalculable) pattern that is woven with great dynamics and always retains an excellent flow, despite the many different elements that are processed within the compositions, which is further proved by the other three songs.


The production of Aleix Dorca and the band is damn good, as well as the visual presentation of the album, very noble, in combination with the very thought-through songs this results in a great album that friends of progressive and heavy music, who also can digest Death Metal, should definitely check out! (Online April 10, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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