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Epica - We Will Take You With Us (-/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Transmission Records
Playing time: 54:00
Band homepage: Epica


The Works

  1. Façade Of Reality
  2. Sensorium
  3. Illusive Consensus
  4. Cry For The Moon
  5. The Phantom Agony
  6. Seif Al Din


  1. Feint
  2. Run For A Fall
  3. Memory (From The Musical Cats)
Epica - We Will Take You With Us

Who already had looked forward to a new EPICA album with “We Will Take You With Us” would have had to show some patience until the release of “Consign To Oblivion“, “We Will Take You With Us“ is a bridge release that apparently comes piggyback to a DVD of the same name, unfortunately the DVD did not make it into my hands.


The band had the opportunity to star in one of the best known music TV shows of the Netherlands and in the course of this could re-record some songs of their debut “The Phantom Agony“. Of the altogether nine tracks of this album this disc shows six with more orchestra in the background and two more in an acoustic version, plus an acoustic cover version of “Memory” from the musical “Cats”.


Now who dumps the AFTER FOREVER spin-off into the same pot with just that band and a whole lot of other bands, should think again, because with the exception of AFTER FOREVER EPICA stand pretty much alone with their orchestral kind of Symphonic Metal, yes, they are quite a bit more complex and at times heavier, the mean grunts and screams of guitarist Mark Jansen are a quite big factor, they still are catchy, with big melodies and choirs that the listener’s heart gets all warm and fuzzy (just listen to the great “Seif Al Din“!).


The simplest thing will be to read the two reviews of “The Phantom Agony“ and then just add some orchestra in the background. For “Feint” and “Run For A Fall“ think anything electric off and you have these two tracks as well. Remains “Memory”, I only know “Cats” from hearsay, but is a nice song, too.


Now the all-encompassing question, if you need this CD, if you have the debut already and despite the quality I still can’t really say “Yes”, the DVD could be more interesting, if the price is right and you don’t have the debut yet, you can definitely get this one! (Online April 12, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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