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Idoru, The - Brand New Way, Brand New Situation (9/10) - Hungary - 2005

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Burning Season Records
Playing time: 47:22
Band homepage: Idoru, The


  1. Dreaming About Two Lives
  2. Drama Of Our Time >mp3
  3. Soldier From Nowhere
  4. Doubts
  5. Behind Words
  6. Over The Vortex
  7. When Fear Is Just A Memory
  8. From Past To Present
  9. Died Before Birth
  10. Irony Of Fate
  11. Knocking Around
  12. A Part Of
Idoru, The - Brand New Way, Brand New Situation

One thing unmistakably beforehand, as in Hungary’s THE IDORU the Austrian underground label Burning Season Records grabbed an act from the European Hardcore scene that can simply be labelled a bull’s eye. The band, which is composed of ex-DAWNCORE and NEWBORN musicians, knows damn well how to showcase traditional and really melodic Hardcore, and in “Brand New Way, Brand New Situation” they present a masterpiece. After a mini CD (“After The Storm” 2003), which was hammered down for Japan’s Alliance Trax label, they quickly started working on the debut album that is discussed here.


What is grandiose about THE IDORU is the fact that they skilfully shun dominating trends and thus escape from the swamp of thousands of Metalcore newcomers. The Hungarians seem to have the monopoly on the amazing sense for melodies that quickly creep into your ear, and what vocalist Andy dies in terms of voice volume on the twelve tracks in total is sensational. At that he renounces completely to rude howling, but searches his spiritual welfare in wonderfully clean vocals that benevolently stand out from the masses and should probably also conjure up enthusiastic reactions from many Metalheads. Musically, Tibi (lead guitar), Big (guitar), Matt (bass) and Adam (drums, was replaced by Lac meanwhile) seem to have been stung by a flight of hornets, as it is really rare that you hear so much playing pleasure at once. So after the first song it already becomes irrevocably certain that five professionals hide behind THE IDORU that are able to give new impulses to this scene. Maybe this sounds somewhat overdrawn now, nut basically it is completely true.


Those who already felt comfortable after the opener “Dreaming About Two Lives” are caressed by first-class sonic art after it as well. Wonderful choruses are entangled by melodic riffs which are driven forward quickly by speedily galloping drums, which irresistibly makes you crank up the volume unconsciously to be able to listen to the whole variety of ideas in an appropriate manner. The same also happens to you with the following songs “Drama Of Our Time” or “Soldier From Nowhere” which equally quickly take a seat in your brain and stay hooked there. THE IDORU are very impressive and have all guns blaze throughout the album. “Doubts” is just as little second to the songs before in terms of class and variation as the following smashers “Behind Words”, “Died Before Birth” or “A Part Of”.


No matter which song you pick and how hard you try to discover possible week points, you will be utterly disappointed. The five musicians make their way through the lovingly composed tracks too perfectly and thought-through and thus they should be met with approval and more than justified praise by vast masses. Added to this is the clean and powerful production as well as the artwork of “Brand New Way, Brand New Situation”, which fits coherently with the music, which makes a recommendation even easier. To me THE IDORU count among the musical highlights from Hungary and it would surprise me if this outstanding band didn’t gain honour and glory internationally. You certainly know what to do, right? Yes, get the album and if you don’t find it with your trusted record dealer, just contact the label which has a lot of other highlights in store besides THE IDORU. Exemplary!!! (Online April 14, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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