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Deathless - The Time To Be Immortal (7,5/10) - Spain - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Goldtrack Records
Playing time: 45:15
Band homepage: -


  1. Razing Life
  2. Torture's Deep Inside My Mind
  3. Two Ways
  4. Under Fear
  5. World's Heartbeat
  6. The Price Of Our Wasting Lives
  7. Where No Sun Shines
  8. Law Of Fire
  9. Holy Sepulchre
  10. Years Later
Deathless - The Time To Be Immortal
Well, I had known that Gothenburg never has been in the north of Sweden, but that it is a suburb of Barcelona was completely new to me...
If you listen to the debut-CD "The Time To Be Immortal" by Spanish quintet DEATHLESS, you really have the impression of listening to a Swedish band, with its melodic Death Metal seemingly coming straight from there and Emilio Canas roaring that each elk would grow pale...
You can denounce the band of originality one hundred per cent, but still the music doesn't bear the stamp of pure plagiarism either, not least due to the fact that most bands of this sound have either split up or changed their music.
In most of the songs, which are somewhere between mid-tempo and high-speed-attacks, you will find highly melodious and intricate lead-guitars, which sometimes develop into twin-harmony-leads, thus building a nice contrast to the harsh vocals.
Who needs some tips to check out, should do so with "Under Fear" and "The Price Of Our Wasting Lives", which, like the other songs as well, have benefited from the cooperation with Tomas Skogsberg.

Alexander Melzer

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