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Venin Noir - Rainy Days Of October (7/10) - Brazil - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Hellion Records Brazil
Playing time: 49:14
Band homepage: Venin Noir


  1. Rainy Day Of October
  2. Naughty Elegy
  3. Damsel Of Grief
  4. Desperanter
  5. Reap The Grand
  6. Buried Alive 
  7. A Deeper Gray
  8. Vile Pledge
Venin Noir - Rainy Days Of October

So, whatís the deal with Brazilian bands and French names? First, AVEC TRISTESSE and now, VENIN NOIRÖ Ok, jokes aside I was really impressed when this one arrived, because the cover art is gorgeous and so is the inside of the booklet, sadly, I wasnít impressed at all with the music, not because it is bad, but because I think that VENIN NOIR didnít accomplish what they were trying to do in this album, I mean, I think that these guys could do a LOT better, but letís discuss that in a while ok?


VENIN NOIR is a Gothic Doom Metal band that mainly deals with slow and calm songs and operatic female vocals, for all of you that are thinking NIGHTWISH, youíre terribly wrong, change your thoughts to RAIN FELL WITHIN, thatís more like it. Anyway, the female vocals are nicely done, but I donít think that fits the music, slow mellow tracks with operatic female vocals sound like a good idea and many, many bands have tried this, but only a few have succeeded.


But of course that doesnít mean that this is a bad album, because it is not and even though it wasnít my cup of tea, it has some great songs. Like ďBuried AliveĒ, full of melody and catchy parts, for me, the best song of the album. ďA Deeper GrayĒ, an epic and melancholic song that features some great male vocals, this song accomplishes the gloomy feeling that the band wanted for this album I think.


Iím not the Metal authority around the globe, I know, but I think that VENIN NOIR could give their music more consistency and add elements to make it more melancholic, because with the exception of those 2 songs, the rest didnít impress me all that much. (Online April 20, 2005)

Enrique Congrains

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