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Inactive Messiah - s/t (5,5/10) - Greece - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Black Lotus Records
Playing time: 44:07
Band homepage: Inactive Messiah


  1. T.C.D.D.
  2. Give Me All
  3. Mind Trap
  4. Building Your God
  5. Hate In Me
  6. Blossom Of Paranoia
  7. Tell Me One Reason
  8. Shut The Fuck Up
  9. Back To Life/Memories
  10. Marble Smiling Face
Inactive Messiah - s/t

A scavenger has smelt the success of the fast rising Nu Death Metal sound and soon finds himself in the same wagon wanting a piece of the action. Previously working under the moniker WOMB OF MAGGOTS, the Greek band is now marketed as INACTIVE MESSIAH, suppliers of “Powerful Electro Nu Death Metal” *yawns, reads again, more yawning follows*.


It is odd how so many promising newcomers hold all the right cards in the palm of their hands. Let’s see, artwork duties were made by morbid illustrator and current hotbed Seth, the package includes an extra DVD with various backstage footage (amounts to nothing but reeking garbage really), sound wall comes from the luxurious facilities of Finnvox Studio crafted by producers of the high profiled acts like H.I.M. and TIAMAT, and two members of SEPTIC FLESH, the defunct champions of Greek Death Metal, lend their talents on two tracks, one of them is the cult classic “Marble Smiling Face”, which they incidentally wrote a long time ago. These are all great selling points but the music’s far from the truth inked on paper, naive minds will undoubtedly embrace the marketing highlights and then learn the hard way.


Crusty groove oriented riffage meets basic chord dynamics meets “inactive” drumming meets spacey keyboards meets sickening vocals, that’s your INACTIVE MESSIAH debut in a nutshell. If it was up to me, I’d definitely rearrange the songs in a better and more interesting way, if only I had the capacity to do so. Some of their songs are annoying at their best behaviour, who wants to hear a song like “Mind Trap” with its ridiculously repetitive chorus playing over and over again until it finally looses purpose before the track is over, and rhyming “mother fucker” with “cock sucker”, beautiful!


Drums are organic but completely inane, almost sleepy at times, with some luck female skin basher Catherine might even be able to step out her repeating beats for some seconds. Having a woman behind the drum kit isn’t the brightest of moves for an extreme band, unless she’s a trimmed bodybuilder. This one is a regular sized female that feel’s more at home with simple interactions, the other guess is that she just started rehearsing, take your pick, it won’t make a difference anyway. Not to say there’s no talent here, some nice sizzling guitar tapping shows up on the average kicking “Blossom Of Paranoia” and the SEPTIC FLESH cover is not bad at all, they just can’t run away from the fact that there’s room for adjustments the song writing.


The menu reads offensive vocals, high pitched screeches and basic growling, tweaky yet fairly convincing though the guy really should refrain from doing his clean singing. As this is “Nu Death Metal” *giggles* the stalking thought of no melodies could only make things worse with this band. The sound is mainly heavy but melodic guitar pinching adds a much needed layer of Swedish vintageness. Classic Gothenburg harmonies start up “Back To Life/Memories” and there’s a wicked solo on “Give Me All”, and anyone with the smallest knowledge on SEPTIC FLESH’ melodic strength will love the undying melodies of “Marble Smiling Face”.


On audio systems INACTIVE MESSIAH doesn’t reflect the saintly qualities penned down on the label form, the band has taken on a somewhat genre confused identity, maybe they’ll grow into a stronger unit after some time, until then this album’s a sordid excuse for a failed attempt at Modern Metal simulation. (Online April 24, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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