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Jorn - Out To Every Nation (8/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 47:37
Band homepage: Jorn


  1. Young Forever
  2. Out To Every Nation >mp3
  3. Something Real
  4. Living With Wolves >mp3
  5. Vision Eyes
  6. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
  7. Behind The Clown
  8. Rock Spirit
  9. Through Day And Night
  10. When Angel Wings Were White
Jorn - Out To Every Nation

JORN has really become a hot commodity lately because he has a proven track record. He nailed home runs with MUNDANUS IMPERIUM, YNGWIE and MASTERPLAN. I haven't heard the ARK albums or his first two solo releases, but no need to worry because he is that damn good. I have heard from my friends that this CD is a lot harder and heavier than his first two efforts.


"Young Forever" is the first track off the disc and proves to be both Hard Rock and Metal in the same sentence. The music is over powering and Land manages to stay on top of his game making sure that his voice is equally as loud as the music if not louder. The guitar solo from Jorn Viggo is more than capable of ripping you a new asshole. It shreds with the best of them. Don't ask me why, but during the intro to the title track, Jorn manages to scream a bit like the mighty Ronny James Dio, but quickly he goes his own way. This track doesn't have as much oomph as the opener, but sure is heavier than hell, but being more Hard Rock oriented than being flourished with Metal riffs. The atmosphere added on here only makes the song that much stronger.


Hey, if you're looking for some progressive elements in the music, then check out the solo of "Vision Eyes." This one is rooted more in Rock, but come time to show off their chops Jorn Viggo and and drummer Stian let loose that is damn impressive. That was a nice twist in terms of composition. Jorn also has the gift of writing a nice ballad which is proven on "Behind The Clown." This is another fine moment for him in which he shines bright. This release is a true gem. There is not a single rough edge on here. You get the best of Rock and Metal without buying separate CD's Just remember, next time you rattle off names of singers that are great such as DIO and Glenn Hughes, make sure that Jorn's is tossed in there. (Online April 27, 2005)

Joe Florez

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