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Glittertind - Evige Asatro (7/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Karmageddon Media
Playing time: 41:16
Band homepage: Glittertind


  1. Lindisfarne - 793
  2. Karl Den Store >mp3
  3. Sønner Av Norge
  4. En Stille Morgen - 1349
  5. Fjellheimen Gir Meg Fred
  6. Olav Dirge
  7. Nordmannen
  8. Frostriket
  9. Evige Asatro
  10. Se Norges Blomsterdal
  11. Om Kvelden Nård Et Morkner
  12. Skumring
  13. Norges Skaal
Glittertind - Evige Asatro

Torbjörn Sandvik is the name of GLITTERTIND, 20 years young and already very active for a few years now. “Evige Asatro“ now is the legacy of the early years 2001 and 2002, for the 13 songs on this album have been written and recorded back then, with the exception of “Norges Skaal”, which was recorded in 2004. Standing very close to the nature of his home country and also its history, he describes his creations as “Folk Metal/Punk”, which at first read might sound a bit odd, but in the course of the album it becomes clearer what it is about.


After the opening traditional “Lindisfarne – 793“ (including heavy guitars) “Karl Den Store” (“Karl The Great”) shows, where things are headed, very catchy melodies, simple rhythm and rough/accessible vocals, everything goes right into the legs, without big warming up time and with “Sønner Av Norge“ they continue almost seamlessly, before “En Stille Morgen – 1349“ (“A Silent Morning“), which lyrically deals with the outbreak of the plague in Norway and musically also continues this in a very emotional ballad.


The lyrics all are Norwegian, but at least Torbjörn has given each of his songs a short English comment, so that also Non-Norwegians are able to figure out what the song is about, which is very interesting and makes the lack of knowledge of the Norwegian language even more painful. The emphasis on the Norwegian history also threads through the rest of the music, with the typically Scandinavian melodies and the snotty atmosphere, which together with the not exactly classically educated voice of Torbjörn and the indeed punky rhythms give the whole thing a quite different touch.


I also definitely have to mention “Se Norges Blomsterdal“, at least for German ears, because here Torbjörn uses the classical “Ein Jäger Aus Kurpfalz“ melody and combines it with a punky touch, which sounds really cool!


„Evige Asatro“ is not the pot of gold yet, as not all songs keep the same level, but for the fact that Torbjörn has done the whole thing on his own and even more so at the age of 16 and 17 years, the whole thing has turned out really well and shows his potential. The second album will then show where GLITTERTIND are headed. (Online May 4, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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