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Vomitory - Blood Rapture (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 32:43
Band homepage: Vomitory


  1. Chaosfury >mp3
  2. Hollow Retribution
  3. Blessed And Forsaken
  4. Madness Prevails
  5. Redeemed In Flames
  6. Nailed, Quarted, Consumed
  7. Eternity Appears
  8. Rotting Hill
  9. Blood Rapture
Vomitory - Blood Rapture

VOMITORY must be considered as veterans within the Death Metal genre. They have played Death Metal since 1989, even though they didn’t release an album before 1996. When they released their first demo in 1992 the market was flooded with Death Metal bands and VOMITORY became one among the many. That didn’t hinder VOMITORY from keeping their style intact. Unrelenting Death Metal was their goal from day one and they haven’t moved an inch from that goal.


This becomes evident as soon as the opener “Chaos Fury” kicks in. A more fitting name to a song is hardly ever written. Full attack from the start, almost exploding into your face. This is how Brutal Death Metal should sound. When playing this kind of music it’s essential to have your playing skills tuned to perfection and VOMITORY, with their 16 years of experience (A little less the time “Blood Rapture” was released), have almost turned their instruments into their own body parts. To say that VOMITORY sounds tight couldn’t bring them justice, it’s so fucking solid that it can be called a wall of sound.


There is hardly any let up’s on “Blood Rapture”, there are some passages where they shift down the gears a bit, but these are only spices and not the main ingredient. VOMITORY are on of those few bands that can play it fast without sounding really dull. I think dedication is the main reason VOMITORY sounds very good, these guys aren’t after an image, they are out to play Death Metal. Just listen to a song like “Rotting Hill”, this is Death Metal perfection. Lyrics about killing and being killed, really low vocals, quality guitar work and an ultra steady drummer. Vocalist/Bassist Erik Rundqvist does a great job, he sounds like a wild animal and plays the bass like a (killer)machine. The reason I mention Erik is because through the years VOMITORY has been unable to find the right vocalist and bass player. In 1999 Erik Rundqvist joined the ranks and VOMITORY finally got to unleash their potential. On their 1999 release “Redemption” he only played the bass, but when “Revelation Nausea” was released in the year 2000 he did both bass and vocals.


It’s hard to find a personal favourite on a record as steady as “Blood Rapture”, but if I had to choose it would be “Eternity Appears”. This song starts with some guitar playing that sounds a lot like BOLT THROWER, I guess this could be called BOLT THROWER on amphetamine. This leaves VOMITORY only for those who like it really fast and brutal. Although the sound quality is very good, maybe a bit polished, it can’t be called commercial in any way. This is music for the selected few, but those will enjoy it whole heartedly, check this one out if you are in for some quality Death Metal. (Online May 5, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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