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Entombed - Unreal Estate (7/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death'N'Roll
Label: Threeman Records
Playing time: 38:35
Band homepage: Entombed


  1. DCLXVI-Intermission
  2. Chief Rebel Angel
  3. Say It In Slugs
  4. It Is Later Than You Think
  5. Returning To Madness
  6. Mental Twin >mp3
  7. Night Of The Vampire
  8. Unreal Estate
  9. In The Flesh
  10. Something Out Of Nothing
  11. Left Hand Path (Outro)
Entombed - Unreal Estate

In one of the most bizarre moves in Heavy Metal history that even the band still asks themselves today. Why did a Swedish Death Metal band hook up with the ballet? Well, back in 2002 ENTOMBED did something that would continue to be talked about even now in the metal community. Since I wasn't there, I could only imagine how it all went down. "DCLXVI/Intermission" is an instrumental performed by piano that begins the show. That would make perfect sense since it's subtle and the ballerinas could come out to perform.


When we hit "Chief Rebel Angel", it starts out slow, but then things begin to erupt into mayhem. At this crucial moment, I can only imagine how the dancers would go about their moves to the beat of crushing drums and unrelenting guitars and vocals that would turn milk sour in a heartbeat. I bet that the dancers ran into walls and began moshing in pits thanks to the sweet sounds of ENTOMBED. When I heard about this collaboration, I wondered just how the guys would perform their songs. Would they still be hard and heavy or pretty and lame? Well, the questions are all answered here. Through eleven tracks, the boys play hard n' heavy music from their select back catalogue albeit ball being re-arranged. "Left Hand Path" closes out the performance and the wildest part about this is not only that it sounds completely different from the original, but the audience claps for over a minute when it's over and it sounds all conservative and professional.


There's no screaming, just a few whistlers and that's it. I think something like this should be pumped out on DVD instead of CD just so we can see how things are played out and we could see the audiences' reaction to this. I think that only if you are a hardcore fan must you have this in your collection, otherwise stick to the original songs. I do give the guys an A for being different and I am more than positive that the next time VH1 has a Metal list this will come in the top five for VH1's Most Bizarre Moments. (Online May 5, 2005)

Joe Florez

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