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Belphegor - Boobs, Beheadings and Beelzebub (Helmuth) - May 2005

BELPHEGOR are back from the infernal abyss and have brought along a blood-dripping present for us: the new album "Goatreich – Fleshcult". A berserk, ridiculously fast and evil monument. Better, faster and more brutal is what it has become – these Austrians care nothing for stagnation...On the contrary, an improvement in all regards is what it is. Cover, technique, songwriting, brutality, all of them have been further improved. Read now what Helmuth's got to say.


Hail Satan, this is Ralf from Germany...Are you guys facing the same snowy chaos over there?

Hey, yeah, it's incredible, as some may know we're from a rural area, har har, and we're snowed in with absolutely frosty temperatures below zero. At the moment we've got about one metre of's like being in a fridge when you go outside.


First off, I'd like to congratulate you on your newest opus. You managed yet again to top yourselves. My hat's off!

Thank you Ralf, it's great you liked "Goatreich – Fleshcult". Today's the release date in Europe (April 5 for the US) and the album should be available in shops/from mail orders, I think people will be just as satisfied with the new album as we are. As always we gave it everything we got and managed to improve in regards to dynamics, technique and intensity. "Goatreich – Fleshcult" is the logical sequel to "Lucifer Incestus". First previews around the world show massively positive reactions.


It's much more Death Metal than Black – how come?

It's typical BELPHEGOR, a symbiosis of both musical styles for which we've been standing for over one decade. We simply try to become better and better, and give people quality music in return for their cash. We are musicians and have been working our asses off for over ten years to make it to where we stand today. This time, we've recorded so tightly like we've never done before, and also set the highest value on intensity and, as mentioned, dynamics. All the rehearsing for this jewel has paid off. It wouldn't have made any sense for us to write "Lucifer Incestus Part II". After the blast fireworks that was "Lucifer Incestus", the media's expectations were especially high this time. But we won't let screws be put on ourselves anyway. You can hear that we've woven more variety and new song structures/scales/harmonies/leads into the new songs, and we've also got more double bass, breaks and fills than ever.


From the cover over the production to the technical aspects, everything is outstanding. Are there even any further improvements possible on the next album?

Stagnation = death, and we don't want that, even though our musical horizons have not been fully utilized yet. Whenever we take a shot at a new album from now on it'll be a challenge. BELPHEGOR stand for progress, but we will always play aggressive music and always try to go one step further and become more intense. One of our trademarks and strengths is to include arching melodies and harmonies in our songs without it sounding gay, but still cold and sick like a tank crushing your cranium.


Your new drummer really is incredible – who is he?

Torturer played on "Goatreich – Fleshcult", in September he'd already decided that he would spent all of 2005 at a drum school and only have limited time for BELPHEGOR. We didn't want any of that, so we mutually decided to go separate ways. We wish him "horns up" and respect his decision, which was not at all an easy one for him. The name of our new drumriser machine is Nefastus, again from Germany and again exceptionally talented. He already has accompanied us on the X-Mass Festivals throughout Europe, is a permanent member since October and a 100% replacement for Torturer. We've been in contact with him since early '04, and he fits into the band perfectly on a personal level as well.


The cover is probably going to be a case for the censorship board again...Do you do this on purpose? What can we expect from the booklet...(drool)

Hm, is it really that difficult to understand? We just really like this obscure stuff, look at our artwork etc., everything has been elaborately worked out down to the details. Sure, the music is the most important to us and "looms up" over everything, but the lyrical and musical violence does demand a visual realisation after all... I can't and don't want to imagine inflicting a generic run-of-the-mill cover upon our respected die-hard fan community.


Some say, the guys in BELPHEGOR aren't quite right in the head – me, I like your sense of humour (used to have a project called GOATFUCK myself once). Are you truly dangerous Satanists who penetrate helpless goats in your basement...

Let me tell you that we don't give a fuck about all this insignificant bickering. We're here to be reviewed because of our music, I too listen to bands whose ideologies I don't necessarily share, but where's the problem? A lot of people take the easy way out. As soon as something is non-conforming/different they point their fingers, it's been like this ever since the gregarious animal has existed and has long since found its way into the Metal genre as well, a style of music which has specifically stood for rebellion and resistance since its creation. Opinions are much like assholes, everybody's got one...a TV-less month would make some good practice for many a bitter fellow.


As far as the technical aspect goes you certainly can hold your own against MORBID ANGEL and friends, and have made it to the top at least in Europe...You basically don't need that provoking image anymore...

Let's not talk about who needs what here, but let it be said that boobs, beheadings and Beelzebub belong to BELPHEGOR as sure as night follows day.


How are things on the live front? Will there be a tour?

From April 14 on, BELPHEGOR will once again plough through Europe and finally present "Goatreich – Fleshcult". We are very much looking forward to how the demons will receive the new sound collages in a live situation. Check out our site for more info:


What are the five best Metal albums of all time?

Even naming one hundred would be impossible, that's the beautiful thing about extreme music. In my opinion, no other style of music can convey as much hatred, anger, beauty, destruction, love etc. as Death or Black Metal, comparable only to the dynamic of classical music.

But here are a few that changed my view of the world:

Kiss - Dynasty

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance

Motφrhead - No Sleep Til Hammersmith with Eddie "Fast" Clark, har har

Death - Leprosy

Slayer - Reign In Blood

Deicide - Legion

Autopsy - Acts Of The Unspeakable

Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness

Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated


Which bands/albums of recent times did you enjoy or made you throw up...

The newest albums by ARKHON INFAUSTUS, MARDUK, NECROPHAGIST and BEHEMOTH, for example, I found satisfying. I don't pay much attention to the scene nowadays, however. Much of it is too polished/commercial for my taste, be it the bands, covers, music etc...the spirit that marked this genre and expressed itself in the nearly endlessly brutal music is gone. Three cheers for the bands that still raise the flag of extreme Death/Black Metal up high.


How'd you get into Metal, anyway?

Thanks to KISS, BLACK SABBATH and the ingenious NWOBHM bands... 


Which question would you like to be asked? And by whom?

Why do I, instead of playing guitar, spend so much time on interviews despite not being an author?


Anything else you'd like to share?

Thanks for your interesting questions, and Metal Hail to all demons who've been visiting our shows the last few years, who've been buying our albums and thus allowed us to record albums under good conditions and let the BELPHEGOR machine roll on more powerfully than ever. "Goatreich – Fleshcult" is dedicated to all these people; see you on the road from April on!


1991: Daemonlatria (Demo)

1991: Kruzifixion (Demo)

1992: Bloodbath In Paradise (EP, Self-production)

1994: Obscure And Deep (EP, Perverted Taste)

1994: The Last Supper (CD, Lethal)

1997: Blutsabbath (CD, Last Episode)

2000: Necrodaemon Terrorsathan (CD, Last Episode)

2002: Infernal Live Orgasm (CD, Phallelujah)

2003: Lucifer Incestus (CD, Napalm)

2004: The Last Supper & Blutsabbath (CD, Twilight)

2005: Goatreich – Fleshcult (CD, Napalm)


Ralf Henn

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