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Swan Christy - Today Died Yesterday (8,5/10) - Greece - 1999

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Black Lotus Records
Playing time: 51:47
Band homepage: Swan Christy


  1. Today Died Yesterday
  2. Resurrection If Possible
  3. One Foot In The Grave
  4. Here Comes...I
  5. My Home (Away From Home)
  6. No More Everything
  7. Night Flower
  8. The Benefactor
Swan Christy - Today Died Yesterday
So, my dear readers, today the work "Today Died Yesterday" is up for reviewing, by the hopeful Greek authors SWAN CHRISTY that offer us their second book today.

After looking at the interesting cover-artwork, let us open this CD. Already in the first chapter, which bears the same name as the whole opus, the Hellenes show us, what made them such a big name in their local scene. They mix classic with a big amount of heavy metals, spice it up with varied male vocals and enrich those with an opera-esque female voice.

The second part, titled "Resurrection If Possible" leads us even deeper into the plot of the today that had deceased already yesterday. Full-sounding guitars merge with piano, violin and cello to a whole, complemented by strong, varied male vocals, giving the style of SWAN CHRISTY a quite original note.

Already in the third chapter the Greeks break out of the already very widely arranged roads as "One Foot In The Grave" is fully made up by violin, cello and vocals, enchanting the reader more and more, before "Here Comes...I" returns the story onto their originally built feet, doomy, melancholic, enriched with piano and violin.

The remaining four chapters continue the plot in a classy way, bringing a fluid and exciting story to an end. Who likes to try the slightly different book that is treading a path beyond the usual ‚Sex & Crime' and the tabloid-like or epic stories, should give "Today Died Yesterday" a try, it will be worth it.

Have a nice evening...

Alexander Melzer

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