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Impellitteri - Crunch (Japan) (7/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: JVC Victor (Japan)
Playing time: 40:37
Band homepage: Impellitteri


  1. Beware Of The Devil
  2. Turn Of The Century
  3. Speed Demon
  4. Wake Me Up
  5. Spanish Fire
  6. Slay The Dragon
  7. Wasted Earth
  8. Forever Yours
  9. Texas Nuclear Boogie
  10. Fear No Evil
Impellitteri - Crunch (Japan)
Well, folks, you are missing something here! What you'll get is straight Power Metal, just like Chris offers since his debut back in 1987 (!). The opening "Beware Of The Devil" is a really fast track and vocalist Rob Rock again does a great job with his rough yet crystal-clear voice and the rest of the band also is up to par.

But the master himself is, what it is all about. He shoots off one riff after the other and ennobles them with his hyper-speed-soli. Sure, you could accuse him of structuring most songs in the same vein and that you can hardly make out the difference between this album and his previous ones, but the musical level is high enough to overlook that.

Go and check out (if you can - Alex) the slightly PANTERA-influenced "Wasted Earth", with its scratch-effects, the almost thrashy instrumental "Spanish Fire", "Wake Me Up" and the riff-dominated "Fear No Evil".

But not all that glitters here is gold. The ballad "Forever Yours" and the rather uninteresting "Texas Nuclear Boogie" could have been left out without being missed.

Altogether worth the purchase, but if it's still worth the high import-price is up to yourself.

Charly Kogler

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