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Lay Down Rotten - Cold Constructed (8/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Remission Records
Playing time: 39:01
Band homepage: Lay Down Rotten


  1. Murder Instinct >mp3
  2. Let Me Be Your Suffering
  3. Broken Minds Behind Wounded Faces
  4. The Gutted Angel >mp3
  5. Headshot Poetry
  6. Cold Constructed Spheres
  7. Human Remains Cargo
  8. The Domination Of Chaos
  9. Cutting Deeper
  10. Darkday
Lay Down Rotten - Cold Constructed

“Cold Constructed“, second album of LAY DOWN ROTTEN, features poignant Death Metal of the higher class. The music of the band is catchy, holy smokes! And the songs neither lack the punch, while small, but fine melody lines round off the overall impression.


Here you won’t find any bombastic Death of the Gothenburg school, but neither overly technical hyperblast, only mid-paced Death Metal with a few blast parts of the traditional kind. Fans of older VADER, BOLT THROWER or EDGE OF SANITY (of which they cover the song "Darkday") can get this one without second thoughts. The riffs are to the point, variety is in place and the sound can be summed up with one word: FAT!!! What else do you want? Alternating vocals between deep, but intelligible growls and high screams? No problem at all!


And now move your tired torso and support one of the better German Death bands. (Online May 11, 2005)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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