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Morifade - Imaginarium (9/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 53:32
Band homepage: Morifade


  1. Lost Within A Shade
  2. Escape
  3. Rising Higher
  4. Nevermore
  5. The Enemy Within
  6. Dark Images
  7. In Martyria
  8. Revive For A While
  9. The Secrecy
  10. Reborn
  11. Whispering Voices
Morifade - Imaginarium
For me the debut "Possession Of Power" still is one of the best Power Metal-albums I know, even though only a very limited number of Metalheads even has heard of this band.

After the demise of their old label Loud'n'Proud the Swedish youngsters have signed with Hammerheart, which are continuously broadening their spectrum. But anyway, MORIFADE have reached a really serious label with good distribution, they really deserve it.

What do MORIFADE play? Epic, symphonic Power Metal with a few light progressive influences, which can be neglected. Do they play something original? Only in a limited way, but they have their own touch, not least thanks to singer Stefan Pettersson. Do they play it good? Hell yeah!!!

OK, declared Power Metal-not-fans won't be converted by them either, but that would be a little too much to ask. Supported by former TAD MOROSE-keyboarder Frippe Eriksson they still play the already mentioned symphonic Power Metal with keyboard-support in the year 2002, but they are as far apart from the Italian clones of the same style-description as they can be within the borders of the genre.

Contrary to them, everything sounds organic, harmonic, full of life, they manage to add some atmosphere to the songs, by clever variation of tempo, the inclusion of elements and melodylines, which are not that usual for Power Metal. They just sound fresh and have a hand for very catchy melodies and good songs and like mentioned Stefan Pettersson sounds pretty original, too. What could you ask for more?

"Lost Within A Shade", "Rising Higher", "Reborn", the ballad "Revive For A While", "Whispering Voices" and "In Martyria" should be proof enough of the vast potential of this band. I have to add to "In Martyria" that the keyboards might sound a little cheesy at the beginning, but this song more than any other one is catchy as hell!

Not fully reaching "Possession Of Power", so "Imaginarium" still is a great Power Metal-album, a must for all genre-fans!

Alexander Melzer

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