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Cryfemal - With The Help Of The Devil (6/10) - Spain - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Trinity Records Hong Kong
Playing time: 35:33
Band homepage: Cryfemal


  1. Inicio Del Caos
  2. Segunda Muerte
  3. Dimensiones Del Dolor
  4. Necrofila Noche
  5. Poder Misantropo
  6. Vision De la Destruccion
  7. Concilio Con Los Fallecidos
  8. Supremo Odio
  9. Malicia Inmortal
  10. Hail Satan
  11. Despues De La Masacre
Cryfemal - With The Help Of The Devil

“With The Help Of The Devil” is one of the sickest, most twisted and downright crazy albums that have ever been played in my stereo. Ebola, the man behind CRYFEMAL, can’t possibly be a sane man. In 1999 he created CRYFEMAL with the intention of making the darkest music ever listened to and this bizarre creation is the band’s third full-length.


The album’s biggest flaw becomes evident right away as most of the time there’s almost no structure in the arrangements at all. Sure, the chaotic riffing and oddly placed samples does sound original at times, but doesn’t make good songs without at least some structure in them. Another annoying aspect is the use of drum computer, which varies from supporting the music well on a couple of tracks to sounding misplaced (especially on “Dimensiones Del Dolor”). On the positive side, Ebola’s aggressive vocals are distinctive and great.


At best, I would say CRYFEMAL’s music makes me think of the eerie atmosphere of XASTHUR with a touch of the instrustrial madness of THORNS. I think it’s great that they try to create something different and they certainly have succeeded in doing that, but in their attempt of creating chaotic Black Metal, they haven’t given structure much attention, resulting in a product not worthy of a high recommendation. (Online May 17, 2005)

Audun Selsvold

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