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Disconsolate - Crimson Pleasure (7,5/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 17:55
Band homepage: Disconsolate


  1. Promised Land >mp3
  2. No Gleam Of Hope
  3. Insignificant
  4. P.P.O.
  5. Crimson Pleasure >mp3
Disconsolate - Crimson Pleasure

Death Metallers DISCONSOLATE hail from Holland and have previously released a demo and a live tape prior to this MCD. In 1998, the band was formed by four previous members of the band EMBRACE THE DARKNESS. From playing Doom/Death Metal on their demo, they now focus more toward straight-forward Death Metal.


DISCONSOLATE’s Death Metal is groovy and aggressive with a varied pace. Not overly technical, but the musicianship is competent and they have written five decent songs on this short MCD. Productionwise, this is obviously not a big budget recording, but the guitar and drums sounds quite ok, while the vocals is a bit too low and sometimes drown in the guitar sound. The first track, “Promised Land”, starts off with a Middle Eastern intro before breaking into some great Death Metal in the vein of SUFFOCATION. “No Gleam Of Hope” displays a slower and doomy side, while “Insignificant” is more technical and groovy. The fourth track is this MCDs worst track (and unfortunately the longest), as it gets way to repetitive. DISCONSOLATE shows yet a different side of themselves on the title track, which incorporates melodic keyboards that create a nice atmosphere and is a fitting closing track on the record.


While not being exactly original, DISCONSOLATE has created a decent MCD that might even get them a record deal. Fans of SUFFOCATION, BOLT THROWER and IMMOLATION should check this out. (Online May 18, 2005)

Audun Selsvold

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