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Occams Razor - All That You Love (-/10) - Canada - 2005

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 3:45
Band homepage: -


  1. All That You Love
Occams Razor - All That You Love

Not something we get often, a one-track CD, many will ask, what good something like that does, but as a new band you try to present your latest composition to the united Metal community and in the case of OCCAMS RAZOR’s “All That You Love” I can fully understand, because this song is just plainly great!


On this track the Metal gods of IRON MAIDEN clearly shine through, the twin harmony guitars will put every MAIDEN worshipper into ecstasy, but while still retaining a very powerful sound, while Jeff’s vocals vary between rougher/more aggressive and high, giving the song even more hues and moods.


If “Plains Of Oblivion“ had not been enough yet, “All That You Love“ raises the hopes for the first full OCCAMS RAZOR album even further, unfortunately, as far as I know, that will only be available in autumn… (Online May 19, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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