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October 31 - No Survivors (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Thrash Corner Records
Playing time: 39:32
Band homepage: October 31


  1. Powerhouse
  2. Rivet Rat
  3. Commit To Sin >mp3
  4. No Survivors >mp3
  5. What Waits Beyond
  6. Back Alley Murders
  7. Wrecking Crew
  8. Misfortune
October 31 - No Survivors

Somehow some of the best albums of the respective dying year always reach you when you already have submitted your Top 20 list. Happened again with the latest OCTOBER 31 output "No Survivors", which reached me in early 2005. They lost their Metal Blade deal, but thankfully they did not let that discourage them, OCTOBER 31 are hopelessly repeat offenders, who don’t give a damn about sales numbers and stubbornly pull their musical style through.


Praise the Metal Lord for combos like this! Scene icon King Fowley (the Power Metal counterpiece to NECROPHAGIA boss Killjoy) sings himself again and gives the band his very own mark with his passion. But the rest of the gang doesn’t fall off either and forged a lump of metal that will have any fan of powerful Metal close to Speed and Thrash Metal brace himself for the impact. Just take the opener “Powerhouse”: Who doesn’t go nuts here because of the chorus, which has the ONSLAUGHT classic “Power From Hell” as godfather, cannot be helped anymore.


And it continues like that until the good OVERKILL cover "Wrecking Crew". Just simple and barbaric, but 1000% Metal to the bone! And super catchy as well. Formations like this keep the 80s alive!!! (Online May 19, 2005)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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