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Callisto - True Nature Unfolds (7/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Earache
Playing time: 58:13
Band homepage: Callisto


  1. 31 46 35 14 E
  2. Blackhole
  3. Limb Diasporas
  4. Cold Stare
  5. Storm
  6. Caverns Of Khafka
  7. Like Abel’s Blood Cried Revenge
  8. Worlds Collide
  9. Masonic
  10. The Great Divorce
Callisto - True Nature Unfolds

Cleary disturbing; thoroughly depressing but strangely appealing is this, the re-mastered debut from Finnish band CALLISTO. ‘’True Nature Unfolds’’ is a surreal, melancholy journey into the obvious warped minds of the protagonists involved. Where guitars riff in ultra doom like soundscapes in the disturbing ‘’Limb Diasporas’’ to the enveloping darkness of ‘’Blackhole’’ CALLISTO have a knack of pulling off songs that shouldn’t demand more than the briefest attention.


The melodic almost TOOL like intro to ‘’Cold Stare’’ branches out into a lengthy Progressive passage assuaged by the throat tearing vocals of Markus Myllykangas. At times overly brutal and aggressive. At times almost pretentious the sound of CALLISTO is not for those wanting fifty minutes of head banging anthems. Each song is dysfunctional, irrational and a journey through the minds eye. The band leaves it up to each listener to take what they shall from this uncompromising but thought provoking piece. It’s a twisted adventure, a nightmare ride into to the bands own take on oblivion. (Online May 20, 2005)

Chris Doran

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