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Necrophobic - Bloodhymns (9/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 45:56
Band homepage: Necrophobic


  1. Taste Of Black
  2. Dreams Shall Flesh
  3. Act Of Rebellion
  4. Shadowseeds
  5. Mourningsoul
  6. Hellfire
  7. Cult Of Blood
  8. Roots Of Heldrasill
  9. Blood Anthem
  10. Among The Storm
Necrophobic - Bloodhymns
Fourth album of NECROPHOBIC, very first contact with me. In the past years I have read about them every now and then, but somehow never a CD of theirs had crossed my oath, so I could rely on the info now, but I rather advance without any knowledge about it, heh.

Indisputably this is Death Metal, the sound of the four Swedes here on "Bloodhymns", but no Gothenburg-ish one, no, rather traditional Swedish, heavy, crunchy, aggressive, but also equipped with brilliant melodies that make you click your tongue. The four guys from Stockholm thunder through their compositions, driven by fat drums (only few blastbeats, but many double-bass, yes, this is Alex-Death Metal!) and equally fat riffs they do without any superfluous frills, but still bring a lot of variety into their songs, they don't heedlessly break through the undergrowth, but cleverly vary the tempo to bring more intensity into the songs by at times reducing heaviness.

Just listen to tracks like "Act Of Rebellion", "Shadowseeds" with its brilliant guitar-melody or the hefty "Blood Anthem" and then dare to tell me that this is not quality-stuff. The vocals are pretty harsh, but still decipherable, which just adds even more to the very positive impression that this album is leaving.

The sound also is great (Master Skogsberg in his Sunlight Studio has made sure), the layout is very good, only the cover reminds me a little of the last MÖRK GRYNING, if with less blazing colours…

But this doesn't change anything in NECROPHOBIC having created an equally brutal and melodic, at times even epic Death Metal-album in "Bloodhymns", which receives two thumbs up by me!

Alexander Melzer

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