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15 tablatures for Godless Truth

Godless Truth - Arrogance Of Supreme Power (7/10) - Czech Republic - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Lacerated Enemy
Playing time: 28:23
Band homepage: Godless Truth


  1. Intro
  2. Perceive The Mockery
  3. Mission: Fuck You
  4. Driven To Lacerate
  5. Reprobate Intention
  6. Instructed To Degrade >mp3
  7. Deformed In Ecstasy
  8. Embrace The Void
Godless Truth - Arrogance Of Supreme Power

GODLESS TRUTH play a brand of Brutal Death Metal weíve all heard by now. The music contained is of the Brutal Death Metal type; very similar to CANNIBAL CORPSE with the straight out brutality, with some Punk influenced sections. Occasionally, some riffs have swept arpeggios and squeals thrown in there, a la DYING FETUS. Thatís one thing that bothered me a lot. Those riffs just reek of DYING FETUS worship and the sweeping just seems out of place.


The music contained is pretty solid, but Iíve grown tired with this genre by now, with the endless brutality for half an hour with nothing else to offer. The music is nothing original, but if you like your Death Metal played fast and note-y, youíd probably enjoy this, but I expect some changes in feel every now and then.


Well, the one saving grace on this CD are the solos (the few that there are). They are very beautifully composed and melodic, with just the right amount of shredding to keep it from going overboard. Thatís what saves the album from piling up with the rest of the bands that play this style of music. The solos are actually thought out and well built, as opposed to just throwing random notes at high speeds and going nuts with the whammy bar.


This actually kept my attention all the way through, which is quite a feat for a through and through Brutal Death Metal band. If you like that style, check it out. (Online May 22, 2005)

Armen Janjanian

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