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Illdisposed - Submit (8,5/10) - Denmark - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 38:03
Band homepage: Illdisposed


  1. A Purity Of Sadness
  2. A Frame Of Mind
  3. Vesuvio
  4. The Hidden Ache
  5. Memories Expanded
  6. Slow Death Factory
  7. Submit
  8. Flogging A Dead Horse
  9. Die Kingdom
Illdisposed - Submit

Those who have bothered reading my reviews may have noticed that I'm very fond of ILLDISPOSED. I hope some of you have picked up any of the records I've recommended. If not, here's another try.


The Danish Extreme Metal scene may not the biggest around, but the bands in their scene for the most parts stand out a bit. In my opinion ILLDISPOSED have a unique sound that's easy to recognize, but I suspect someone making a link between them and INIQUITY. The link between those, are their focus on heavy riffs and groove, using blast beats only sparsely. Out of those two I would say that ILLDISPOSED is the best one, although I recommend Death heads to check out INIQUITY as well.


"Submit" sounds as if it's been played through mud, normally a drawback, but not in this case. ILLDISPOSED clearly wanted the album to have this kind of production, as they've made a damn fine record, filled with incredibly heavy riffs and a groove seldom heard. Bo Summer sounds like he's gargling on the aforementioned mud, but without hiding the lyrics totally in his demonic vocal performance. One of the things I've always appreciated with Death Metal is the humour and self-irony found in many bands/bandmembers. ILLDISPOSED, along with BLOODUSTER, are a standard bearer when it comes to fuck off attitude and humour in Death Metal. Just take a look into the booklet of "Submit" and you'll understand what I mean. Of course the humour of ILLDISPOSED isn't everybody’s cup of tea, but the fact that they could not care less intrigues me. If humour were the only thing that ILLDISPOSED could pull off, then they would've been better suited as stand-up comedians. Fortunately they know how to make very good, at times excellent, Death Metal.


"Purity Of Sadness" opens "Submit" with some seriously muddy riffs, sounding heavier than almost anything else I've heard. One thing is heavy, another thing is good and good is what ILLDISPOSED delivers. "Purity Of Sadness" contains enough hooks to make you headbang yourself into a fucking whiplash, a promise of Death Metal bliss. Then comes "A Frame Of Mind", one of the best songs ILLDISPOSED ever put on a plastic disc. If your neck already wasn't broken, it will after this has ended. It starts with a riff that gives you the urge to train those neck muscles, despite the pain inflicted by the previous song.


As a contrast to those muddy riffs, some very good solos are placed at just the right places, showing, if there were any doubts, that these guys know how to handle their instruments. If mighty ever were appropriate when describing the sounds of music, then it must be used to describe the sound of ILLDISPOSED. If they're played on a proper stereo, their music will be felt as much as it will be heard.


"Vesuvio" shows another side of ILLDISPOSED, as this is an almost grinding Death Metal song, going in blast tempo for most of the time. "Vesuvio" is one of those rare occasions were ILLDISPOSED are using blast-beats and I don't think anyone should expect them to be used on any of their future releases, as they now focus a bit more on melody than on brutality. That said, ILLDISPOSED has not turned gay as a Necro-Underground-Elitist-Black-Metaller would have put it, they simply just shifted the gears. After the ending of this blast-o-rama comes a short sample of a Danish guy saying: "Dere, det er meget, meget sterk kost", which translate into something like; “Folks, this is very, very hard indeed”. Just wanted to mention it in case anybody unfamiliar with the Danish language wondered what the hell's being said.


"The Hidden Ache" is the only song I find a bit weak, as it doesn't have one of those catchy riffs I like so much about ILLDISPOSED. In the beginning of the song, Bo Summer sounds just like Martin V. Drunen did on the early PESTILENCE albums. If you are unfamiliar with the work of Drunen, I could also mention the vocalist in OBITUARY, as they share the same vomited vocal approach. Anyway the song itself doesn't do much for me, sounding like filler material to be honest. All things are back in order when "Memories Expanded" pounds out of your speakers. Here they have managed to create another one of those riffs that makes you want to test the strength of your neck and when we are talking Metal of these kinds, riffs are the alpha omega.


I could've describes every song in detail, but as I mentioned the only weak song, there really isn't much more to do. If you are after an ILLDISPOSED free of melodies, then "Submit" would be my recommendation. Kom Nu I Gang For Helvede! (Online May 24, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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