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14 tablatures for Samael

Samael - Reign Of Light (7/10) - Switzerland - 2005

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 46:52
Band homepage: Samael


  1. Moongate
  2. Inch' Allah
  3. High Above
  4. Reign Of Light
  5. On Earth
  6. Telepath >mp3
  7. Oriental Dawn  
  8. As The Sun
  9. Further 
  10. Heliopolis
  11. Door Of Celestial Peace
  12. Telepathic
Samael - Reign Of Light

I have never heard a band change so much in 14 years. Now, I have never been a fan of the band, but I do know what they have done and saw them on tour with DIMMU several years back. Any traces of Black Metal are officially gone now as they embrace the sounds that have made RAMMSTEIN, KMFDM and OOMPH famous. I have to admit that this is a guilty pleasure for me because I do like this.


"Moongate" is very energetic and heavy, but when you listen to this at first glance you would think that Vorph is singing in German but it's in English. All of it is. His vocal phrasing and patterns are pretty wild here. When you read the lyrics, you can make out the words, but barely. If you listen to it without the sheets, best of luck to you to figure out what he's saying unless you memorized the songs. The Oriental atmospheric beats added to the song makes it sound more lush and dynamic. "Inch'Allah" sounds more Industrial in a typical sense of the genre, but contains plenty of hard driving six string action and the tune is catchy as a virus. "High Above" tends to be just a little embrace this a lot more than the hardcore old school fans who will scoff at this.


Really infectious stuff here, more than the other songs as it adds female backing vocals and harmonies with extra Middle Eastern vibes which is quite nice to hear once in a while and it helps to balance out some of the chaos that the Swiss have composed. "Telepath" gets into the techno stage with programmed beats and it's danceable enough to be played at a Goth club. Tempo changes are a plenty here to add some variety to the disc. While, I wouldn't necessarily listen to this on a daily basis, but when I do, I can listen to the whole thing without skipping tracks. New fans will dig this for sure. (Online May 27, 2005)

Joe Florez

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