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Impellitteri - Pedal To The Metal (6/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 36:40
Band homepage: Impellitteri


  1. The Iceman Cometh
  2. The Kingdom Of Titus (Tribute)
  3. Dance With The Devil
  4. Hurricane
  5. Crushing Daze
  6. Destruction
  7. Judgement Day
  8. Punk
  9. Propaganda Mind
  10. The Writings On The Wall
Impellitteri - Pedal To The Metal

This is my first encounter with IMPELLITTERI the band fronted by legendary guitar shredder Chris Impellitteri and although it’s not going to cause a major stir in the Metal Kingdom the ANNIHILATOR/ARMORED SAINT/SEVEN WITCHIES 1980’s Metal sounds are more than passable if not unchallenging.


The opening salvo from ‘’The Iceman Cometh’’ and ‘’The Kingdom Of Titus (Tribute)’’ are robust Metal anthems that belt along. New singer Curtis Skelton sets out his stall more than successfully. His powerhouse Joe Lynn Turner/Graham Bonnet style vocals ably supporting the gargantuan riff and solo play of Impellitteri himself. ‘’Dance With The Devil’’ is awful but that’s followed by the energetic riffing of ‘’Hurricane’’ a kind of Metal/Hard Rock shuffle in SKID ROW/TESLA territory really gives all parties involved something to get their teeth into. From here on in Impellitteri runs up and down the fret board as if his hands were bionic. Although the quality of songs is not always high.


‘’Crushing Days’’ doesn’t hit the mark but ‘Destruction’’ is once again a classy Metal/Hard Rock offering and arguably the albums best track. The riff has been done a million times before but it’s one to bang the head to without a doubt! ‘’Punk’’ is an attempt at aping the likes of ANTHRAX and KID ROCK party style Metal which, depending on your state of mind is a piece of musical genius or just best forgotten about. ‘’Propaganda’’ is excellent with yet another strong vocal performance from Skelton. ‘’The Writing On The Wall’’ closes the album with all engines go for an all out Metal attack which ends the CD on a suitable note.


Not ground breaking but at the same time not wholly unwelcoming however Chris Impellitteri may have unearthed a classy singer in Skelton. One to look out for in the future. (Online May 28, 2005)

Chris Doran

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