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Rhetorica - Ganduri (Thoughts) (4/10) - Romania - 2004

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 51:57
Band homepage: Rhetorica


  1. Capitolul 1. Ganduri (Thoughts)
  2. Capitolul 2. Nu-Mi Amintesc (Don´t Remember)
  3. Capitolul 3. Mi-e Greu ( So Hard)
  4. Capitolul 4. Singur (Alone)
  5. Capitolul 5. Tarziu (Late)
  6. Capitolul 6. Hei (Hey)
  7. Capitolul 7. Priveste (Look)
  8. Capitolul 8. N-aud (Don´t Hear)
  9. Capitolul 9. Liniste (Silence)
  10. Capitolul 10. Trezire (Awake)
  11. Capitolul 11. Nu Vreau (Don´t Want)
  12. Capitolul 12. Fara Raspuns (No Answer)
  13. Capitolul 13. Incercare (Try)
  14. Capitolul 14. Ascult (Listen)
  15. Capitolul 15. Trecere (Passage)
  16. Capitolul 16. Trist (Sad)
  17. Capitolul 17. Nu-mi Spune (Don´t Tell me)
  18. Capitolul 18. Raspuns (Answer)
Rhetorica - Ganduri (Thoughts)

Capitolul??? Probably an exotic word for chapter! When reading the song list for the first time, you’ll instantly ask yourself, what language this may be. After a short research, I discovered that RHETORICA come from Romania, which is somehow exotic. At least for a Rock or Metal band.


RHETORICA play Prog Rock and their heroes are obviously the grand masters PINK FLOYD. It’s clear, that this band has rather softer sounds to offer. Besides their Rock sounds, they also integrate elements from Pop and Folk into their colourful mixture. The album consists of 18 chapters, which can be regular songs as well as instrumental bridges. You could also say, that it’s one large song. Unfortunately, the Romanians don’t use any heavier guitars, they prefer keyboards (which aren’t trashy, at least) as well as male and female vocals. But their music is only interesting, when using some of their heavier riffs. Otherwise their music bored me. What’s a great vocal performance and a dreamy piano part for, when there are no heavier moments and no catchiness? At least, a Metal or Rock fan expects that, or not?


Maybe older fans and PINK FLOYD fans find a better access to RHETORICA than me, as I found them too boring. But don’t get me wrong. Their musicianship and their sound are quite decent, but their songs don’t delight me. This is rather music for collectors of exotic stuff.


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Patrick Weiler

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