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Korpiklaani - Voice Of Wilderness (7/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 41:05
Band homepage: Korpiklaani


  1. Cottages & Saunas >mp3
  2. Journey Man >mp3
  3. Fields In Flames
  4. Pine Woods
  5. Spirit Of The Forest >mp3
  6. Native Land
  7. Hunting Song >mp3
  8. Ryyppäjäiset
  9. Beer Beer
  10. Old Tale
  11. Kädet Siipinä (Hands As Their Wings)
Korpiklaani - Voice Of Wilderness

Didn't these guys just release an album about a year ago or less? In any case, these Finns are back with another lethal dose of Metal and Folk. Finnish Folk seems to be the thing right now as artists like FINNTROLL and MOONSORROW just release something this past year. For something that is supposed to be folky and mellow, this thing is full of energy.


The songs on here have a vibe that would be heard during Oktoberfest in Germany. They are punchy, quick and energetic as hell. "Cottages & Saunas" is a silly song, but I can imagine everyone getting drunk to the max listening to this. The song moves so fast that if you blink your eye or ears for that matter that the band will have moved onto the next song. There is a little bit of violin action here to go along with the catchy yet fast riffs and quick drumming. "Journey Man" sounds like a country song with more violin action and could be used during a square dance umber. Yep, these guys are out of their mind, but it's fun.


Jonne's vocals are gritty, but they are audible and go well with the fast paced music. "Fields I Flames" utilizes some classic yet simple 80's Metal riffs blended with the sounds of the present for a refreshing take on the genre. "Pine Woods" is an instrumental that isn't short on energy because they keep the songs moving, but they add some bongo like percussion which only enhances the experience of KORPIKLAANI. The pacing of "Spirit Of The Forest" and "Native Land" slow down just a bit as opposed to their first half of the disc and it's needed because you will be exhausted from all of the speed that they deliver with no chance of catching your breath.


The songs are short and sweet to the point that when it's over you are going to say: “Damn that was fast”! At 40 minutes, this is all you really need. The songs do tend to sound alike after a while, but it's nothing more than fun drinking music. Cheers! (Online June 5, 2005)

Joe Florez

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