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Despised Icon - The Healing Process (9/10) - Canada - 2005

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 32:06
Band homepage: Despised Icon


  1. Bulletproof Scales
  2. Silver Plated Advocate >mp3
  3. Immaculate
  4. Warm Blooded
  5. Retina
  6. The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
  7. As Bridges Burn
  8. Harvesting The Disease
  9. End This Day
Despised Icon - The Healing Process

It’s been a while since the release of the crushing “Consumed By Your Poison”, but it only takes about .000769 seconds to realize that the wait has been more than worthwhile.


The Grind approach found on the debut has been kicked to the curb this time around, as DESPISED ICON has adopted a more Death/Core approach to their grind, which makes for an incredibly aggressive but still highly infectious sound. Anyone who was worried about lineup changes will be happy to know that DESPISED ICON is still a highly cohesive unit and Alex’s change from Drums to Vocals just might be one of the best things that happened to the band; his vocal play offs with Steve are phenomenal.


Picking a standout track for the album is almost impossible, as there is barely a second of wasted material on the album, but if push came to shove, then “Silver Plated Advocate” and “Retina” would fit the bill. The first for the fantastic, guitar riff that comes in at the 0:05 mark and the other just because it flat out slays. But you really can’t go wrong with anything here.


If you’re debating buying this but a little short on money, let me just say you can’t afford not to own this release. Hails to the new wave. (Online June 6, 2005)

Mark McKenna

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