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Nightrage - Descent Into Chaos (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 42:49
Band homepage: Nightrage


  1. Being Nothing >mp3
  2. Phantasma
  3. Poems
  4. Descent Into Chaos
  5. Frozen
  6. Drug
  7. Silent Solitude
  8. Omen
  9. Release
  10. Solus
  11. Jubilant Cry
  12. Reality Vs. Truth
Nightrage - Descent Into Chaos

Gus G. has not only become one busy man, but an important one as well. Between juggling his other bands such as MYSTIC PROPHECY, DREAM EVIL and FIREWIND, he has managed to throw down some mean ass vicious licks along with Marios on this CD. Tomas Lindberg needs no introduction as he is the legendary and violent vocalist who is back to show the new kids just how itís done. Fotis is one ambidextrous drummer as he is able to bash hard, play fast and be technical at the same time, but do it with grace and agility. The lethal duo six stringers of Gus and Marios are once again at the helm assaulting all of your sense in a violent way, but they add melody to the mix just to shake things up. The twin guitar leads and solos are absolutely something to die for.

Sure, the trademark Gothenburg sound is there, but itís all good because the originator of the sound Tomas is in the band. Add Henricís thunderous bass sound to the mix and you get a dangerous band that manages to cater to several types of listeners. You know itís always hard to follow up with your debut when so many people have praised it. Here on round two they hold nothing back as they go for your throat and refuse to let go even long after itís finished. You are guaranteed to be bobbing your head relentlessly through these twelve tracks of mayhem. They pulled it off once again and for sure number three will be hard to top, but I think they have it in them to get the job done. If you donít mind now, I am going to keep this in my player for a bout a month. (Online June 8, 2005)

Joe Florez

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