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Carfax Abbey - Second Skin (6,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Gothic / Industrial
Label: Dancing Ferret Discs
Playing time: 45:32
Band homepage: Carfax Abbey


  1. The Healing
  2. Second Skin
  3. Cry Little Sister
  4. Son
  5. Flush To The Floor
  6. Spitshine
  7. Gifted Life
  8. The World Will Have To Wait
  9. Losing Face
  10. Love Hate Kind
  11. Ketamine
Carfax Abbey - Second Skin

’s CARFAX ABBEY has been lingering around for the better part of seven plus years in the underground Industrial scene. I received this CD not knowing who they are, but I will take a shot at it. It’s Gothic/Industrial and poppy all wrapped up into one. I know that somewhere down the line when I was at a Goth club, I did hear it not knowing who it was. This band is very diverse and like to keep things pumping.


“The Healing” has a commercial vibe. The programmed beats and synthetic sound meshed with Gothic and dark riffs with vocals that go from the morose to energetic ala GRAVITY KILLS, etc. has hit potential on the radio market. I remember “Cry Little Sister” from the movie The Lost Boys. The track in original form was dark and Gothic, but way cool and here the band do it justice with the added twist of adding more programmed beats. The guys try to be a little more organic by using a real drummer along with some pre recorded beats and harsh riffing for a trip down misery lane that sounds a bit like an old SAVATAGE composition. The songs are all in a mid tempo range with varying ranges and styles.


For the most part, all of the songs are up beat and will get the blood pumping and your feet moving. This may not exactly be music in the vein of KMFDM or RAMMSTEIN, but they get the job done. Hell, if these guys have opened up for TYPE O NEGATIVE, then you know these guys are down right depressing. (Online June 9, 2005)

Joe Florez

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